FPX Doinb on the Reason Behind the Mid Renekton Pick: "Because my Renekton is OP."

On the 17th of April (CST), FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) defeated Topsports Gaming (TOP) 3:1 in the 2019 LPL Spring Playoffs 3rd Place Match.

As FPX's mid laner, Doinb stated, FPX seemed to be the more experienced team. Although they went through quite a one-sided game 1, the FPX players bounced back right away in game 2. With Tian displaying outstanding performance in the jungle, they managed to win 3 in a row; he was also named MVP for games 2 and 3. 

After the match, the FPX crew gathered in the press room for a post-match interview. 


To Doinb: During the regular split, FPX and TOP put on quite a competitive match. However, your team lost 2:1. This time you guys made your revenge and won the 3rd place match. What do you think was the difference today compared to your previous TOP matchup? 

The difference between us and TOP is experience. We're all experienced players while most players of TOP are rookies. They seemed to be a bit nervous inside the game.


To Tian: You’ve been performing very well throughout this Spring and especially, the performance you’ve displayed during this Playoffs has been second to none. Are you satisfied with your performance this Spring? And what kind of improvements would you like to make before the Rift Rivals?

I am quite satisfied with my performance. I hope I could play more like a team player in the Rift Rivals.


To Coach: Now that the FPX’s spring split has come to an end, could you summarize you and your players' performance this season?

Our goal was to make it to the top 4 and since we've finished 3rd place, I will give our team a 65, 70/100. The semifinal was a good experience for our players to personally improve, in fact, we had a good chance to win the game. I hope we could make improvements before the Summer Split.


To GimGoon: Next you will play in the Rift Rivals. Which teams are you guys concerned about?

I don't know. I didn't watch any other games. I just know which team is the strongest.


To Doinb: You picked Renekton in the second game after your opponent picked Sylas and Renekton is not stronger than Sylas during the laning phase, also we didn’t see much of this champion playing in mid. What was the reason behind this pick?

Because my Renekton is OP.


To Tian: Today TOP picked Urgot in the jungle and now we could expect to see him used in ranks by many junglers. Have you ever played him? What do you think of this champion used in the jungle?

I have played him a lot in ranks and it didn't work out that well so I just gave up on him. Whether he's a good pick or not all comes down to how well you perform in the early game.


To GimGoon: Today you have laned against both 369 and Moyu. What do you think are the differences between those two players in the laning phase? What are your strengths?

If Moyu plays top, they won’t focus on the top lane while they would keep playing around top lane when 369 performs in order to gain him advantage. I think my strength is that I have a stable mentality.


To Coach: After losing the first game, what adjustments have been made to win the next three games smoothly?

In the first game, I didn’t do well in draft. After game 1, I discussed with our players about our draft and they gave me some good feedback. So, that's how we won the games smoothly.


To Tian: What special preparations have you made to go against on your ranked duo partner, Knight? Could you evaluate his performance today? And what did you say to him when you shook hands with him?

I didn’t focus too much on him; our mid player Doinb successfully suppressed him. And I said nothing during the handshake.


To Crisp: You just said on Weibo that “Though we lost in spring, we will win it back in summer.” Why did you say that right after you won today’s game and additionally, what is your goal for the Summer Split?

I was quite frustrated since we had the chance to win the semifinals. 


To Lwx: What do you think of the semifinal defeat and what kind of improvements do you think you'll have to make?

We haven't played any matches for a while before the semifinals. And we were a bit nervous to play an important bo5 match for the first time. I need to improve my communication with my teammates.

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