LCS Spring Finals Preview Sketch: Who'll Claim the Spring Split?

Hello to all the LCS fans waiting in anticipation for the upcoming LCS Finals. While waiting for the epic match that'll soon ensue, I have drawn a preview sketch of the members of the fantastic team fighter, Team Liquid, and the frequent LCS finalist, TSM. Which team are you rooting for at the Finals? I hope everyone enjoys their time watching!

(You can zoom in on the image by clicking.)

[Team Liquid]
Impact- Sion
Xmithie- Lee Sin
Jensen- Syndra
Doublelift- Kai'Sa
CoreJJ- Braum

Broken Blade- Jax
Akaadian- Rek'Sai
Bjergsen- Zelean
Zven- Ezreal
Smoothie- Alistar



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