[Cartoon] Guaranteed Entertainment -- LCS and LCK’s Blockbuster Finals Matchups… And LEC?


Today’s cartoon is about the finals matchup of the LCS and LCK, and about LEC’s matchup to come.

The blockbuster matchups are making fans excited in NA and Korea. Not to mention the prowess or level of performance at the finals, the storylines surrounding the finals are also very interesting.

In the LCK, Griffin, who has shown explosive performance this spring following their performance during last summer, has reached their back-to-back finals, will be facing SK Telecom T1, who has reached the finals in two years aiming for their 7th championship overall. The two teams have been called ‘another level’ and ‘dream team’, respectively, and they certainly have performances living up to their nicknames. Griffin has the edge in matchup history, but they struggled a bit in the second half of the season, while SKT seems to have truly opened their eyes as the season went on. Not only fans of Korea, but the worldwide League of Legends fans will be keeping an eye on this match.

LCS isn’t any less interesting. Team Liquid, who reached the finals with a systematic performance somewhat similar to that of Griffin, will face NA’s traditional powerhouse, TSM, who can be called the SKT of NA. Team Liquid had an astonishing run in the first half, and TSM rose up in the second half; almost identical to what happened in the LCK. Besides the hot matchup between the two teams, the fact that the legends of the LCS, old friends and former teammates, Doublelift and Bjergsen will be facing each other is interesting in itself.

Meanwhile, the finals matchup hasn’t been decided yet in the LEC. G2 Esports reached the finals in the new ‘gauntlet’ format, but their opponent is yet to be decided; Fnatic will be facing Origen for the spot. With the iconic matchups locked in for the LCS and LCK finals, it seems that many fans are rooting for Fnatic. Still, Origen and Fnatic have been showing neck-and-neck performance; it won’t be easy to predict which team will win.

Whether who will be decided to reach the finals in the LEC, the finals for all three regions will be extremely interesting. It may be stressful for the players who actually play on stage, but as a fan, we just wish all three matches go five games in a very close competition. With the finals of LCS and LCK coming up, and the LEC to be decided soon, we hope for awesome finals matches that everybody is satisfied with.

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