See what Kripparrian, Kibler and Dog are playing on day 1 of Rise of Shadows

▲ Faceless Rager has already made an appearance in a Warlock deck.


The Year of the Dragon is here. With the launch of Hearthstone’s “Rise of Shadows” expansion taking place Tuesday morning, players from around the world can crack open their packs and begin using a whole new slew of cards.


For those that are unsure of what they want to play right-off-the-bat, we have compiled a list of decks that some of the most popular players are using and streaming live on Twitch. If you want to try out the decks themselves, the deck string is below as well.


Kripparrian’s Bomb Warrior

Watch Kripp's stream here!

It didn’t take long for Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan to pick up where he left off from in the Rise of Shadows pre-release event that he participated in last week at Blizzard with fellow community members. The strategy behind his Bomb Warrior deck is simple: put a lot of bombs into your opponent’s deck, they draw them, they die. Easy yet satisfying.


Deck string: AECAQcGuuwCyAPN7wKggAOblAOS+AIMs/wCg/sCnfAC+wGyCJvzAvWAA5eUA5KfA5qUA0ue+wIA=


Kibler’s Tess Rogue

Watch Kibler's stream here!

Few popular figures in the Hearthstone community have played Tess Greymane more than Brian Kibler. His fondness for wackiness have led him down many different paths playing Thief Rogue decks and, with new tools to play with in the Rise of Shadows set, it’s time for him to test them out. By randomly generating cards from numerous different sources, the deck aims to out-value his opponent overtime while providing (hopefully) a great deal of fun to the player itself.


Deck string: AAECAaIHBrf1Au/zApsFzowDyAPr8AIMtAGGCcsDqJgD+5oDx/gCyfsC1YwD3QiQlwPq8wL+mgMA=


Dog's Jaraxxus Control Warlock

Watch Dog's stream here!

David “Dog” Caero’s first deck for the Year of the Dragon aimed to bring back an old-favorite” Handlock Jaraxxus Control Warlock. By utilizing Warlock’s Life Tap Hero Power, the player aims to build a large hand, cheat out Mountain Giants, create an impenetrable wall of large taunt minions then wear them down as the game progresses. If the opponent manages to smash through, they’ll have to deal with Lord Jaraxxus.


The deck went through a few iterations before he settled on his current version but he seems content with the final result...for now.



Deck string: AAECAf0GCpMBiQbcBooHzAic+AKggAPWhgOCnQPInQMK3QTyBfsF+wa2B84H4QeNCNqWA66bAwA=

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