[2019 LCK Spring Finals Media Day] SKT kkOma: "If we win, I'll send everyone on a vacation overseas."

On the 9th of April, the 2019 LCK Spring Finals Media Day was held in Seoul LoL Park. The two head coaches from each team, Griffin cvMax and SKT T1 kkOma, attended the event to share their resolution on the upcoming Finals. 

The two head coaches from each team, cvMax and kkOma, were asked by the press to predict how the LCK Spring Finals will play out. "I'm expecting a 3-1 or a 3-2 victory in our favor," said kkOma. "Although Griffin is a very strong team, my players are far more experienced." He further continued stating that "seeing how Griffin struggled near the end of the 2019 Spring Regular Season, my players have a stronger mental strength."

Last season, Griffin fell right before they reached the summit, and many suggested that they lacked the experience and strong mental strength required to push for the win. In response to a question regarding how Griffin has improved throughout the years, cvMax stated, "The Summer Split of 2018 was our very first split. When things didn't go as planned, I tried fixing the problem immediately on stage. Now that I'm more experienced, I know what to do in those types of situations." 

cvMax then predicted that Griffin will take a swift 3-0 victory, as he as a coach has improved, and because his players' mental strength has been tempered and strengthened through their defeat last season. He, however, mentioned that it'll still be a difficult matchup as "each lane in SKT is incredibly strong," and that If Griffin let their guard down - even for a moment - SKT could overpower them. "We'll need to think straight and play carefully," he concluded.

When the two coaches were asked what they plan to do if they win, cvMax replied, "I used to be a streamer before I became a coach. If I win, I may stream again to share my joy with everyone." 

As for coach kkOma, he stated, "If we win, I'll give everyone on the team vacation. I'll then pay for all the travel expenses."

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    level 1 Anoplexian

    Those are some fighting words! Seriously though, paid vacation from the Coach? What a sweet deal...

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