Chengdu Hunters' victory over Washington Justice sets Overwatch League record for heroes played

Chengdu Hunters 3-1 triumph over Washington Justice set a record for most heroes ever used in an Overwatch League match with 27 of the 30 heroes in Overwatch played.

▲ photo by Robert Paul

Since entering OWL, Chengdu Hunters has always had a flair for the dramatic. Even in the meta of pure GOATS in stage 1, the Hunters possessed an affinity for DPS heroes, sometimes playing multiple in a plethora of unorthodox approaches to the competitive landscape. While the stage 2 meta is far more favorable to DPS heroes than the previous meta,  no one expected the level of flexibility showcased in the match between Chengdu Hunters and the Washington Justice last Sunday.


Chengdu Hunters DPS Lo "Baconjack" Tzu-Heng shined on hitscan heroes throughout the series, including a particularly impressive map ending kill streak on Tracer. Hanzo made appearances when the Hunters played a traditional double sniper composition. Hunters Tank Ding "Ameng" Menghan put on a clinic with his signature Wrecking Ball pick, but Luo "Elsa" Wenjie's Torbjörn performance on King's Row was the highlight:

When all was said and done, only Roadhog, Reaper, and Ashe stayed on the sidelines for the Hunters-Justice showdown. With its victory earlier in the week of Paris Eternal, Chengdu Hunters now sit as the winningest Chinese OWL franchise at 5-4. 

The new record was confirmed by Overwatch League stats producer Ben "CaptainPlanet" Trautman in a tweet by Overwatch League caster Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles. Hunters responded by quoting the tweet in typical, fun-loving fashion:


While the Hunters played proficiently on the GOATS comp during stage 1, the team always preferred to add its own flavor into the way the game was played. Now that the meta has far more options, expect the Chengdu Hunters to continue pulling out surprise picks. Not every pick is as effective as the Elsa Torb on King's Row yesterday afternoon, but the level of conviction in the Hunters' approach to competitive OW has it one of the most exciting teams to watch in season 2 of OWL. 

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