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Team Liquid sweeps FlyQuest, will face TSM in 2019 LCS Spring Finals



Team Liquid dominated FlyQuest in a 3-0 sweep Sunday afternoon. With its semifinals victory, TL has punched its ticket to St. Louis, where the team will face TSM in the 2019 LCS Spring Finals. 

▲ photo - Team Liquid twitter 

Team Liquid's sweep was in sharp contrast with yesterday's semifinal bout between TSM and Cloud9, which spanned five games and nearly six hours including technical pauses. While FlyQuest was admittedly the weakest of the teams who qualified for the 2019 LCS Spring Semifinals, Team Liquid's dominance came as a surprise given its late season slump. 

Riding high halfway through the split, TL changed its focus. Unsatisfied with dominating the LCS through the Bot Lane carry play of Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng, Team Liquid began drafting utility towards the bottom side of the map while drafting carries in the Top Lane for Jeong "Impact" Eon-young. While Impact had plenty of experience on carry champions in the Top Lane, Team Liquid had previously shown an inability to consistently focus the top side of the map at the elite level.

TL dropped a few games in the second half of the spring split, but it was mostly attributed to the adjusted focus. No one faults a pitcher in spring training for giving up a slew of hits if he's working on his curveball, and given how dominant TL was through the first half of spring, playoffs was a lock. 
Still, an 0-4 end to the split had the team looking more lost than ever. Murmurs around the LCS pointed towards TSM and C9 as the strongest teams heading into the 2019 LCS Spring Playoffs. 


Team Liquid didn't just sweep FlyQuest out of the semifinals, it did it while laying all doubts to rest about the team's ability to play multiple styles. Impact won player of the series honors with three carry performances on Kennen, Jayce, and Viktor. TL's Bot Lane played for utility the entirety of the series, including a game 1 Sona/Taric performance to show the team's improved adaptability. 

Team Liquid will face off against TSM in the 2019 LCS Spring Finals on Saturday, April 13, in St. Louis, MO. Doublelift and TSM Mid Laner Soren "Bjergsen" Bjerg, the two most decorated players in North American League of Legends history, will be battling for a sixth career championship.

Team Liquid has remained the most dominant team in North America all split long, and comes into the match as the 2-time reigning LCS champion. However, TSM has been the only team unphased by TL's dominance, sporting a 2-0 record against the NA champ. 

In a post-match interview with Riot Games, Ovilee May asked Doublelift about playing against his former teammate Bjergsen in the Finals:

"I really respect him, he's an incredible player. The C9-TSM series [yesterday]...if that was a worse Mid Laner, I think TSM was doomed. Luckily, we have [Nicolaj] Jensen now, and I think he is a really good match for Bjergsen. TSM has kind of had our number this split and stylistically countered us. We're going to try our best, and I think we're better."

The 2019 LCS Spring Finals take place on Saturday, April 13 at the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Missouri at 3:00pm local time, as well as on twitch.tv/riotgames. 


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