The First Update for The War of Genesis Is Here!

Irvine, California – April 4, 2019 – This week brings special updates for Joycity’s The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria. Treasure Airships that award up to 100,000,000 Aedilium make their way to Antaria and can be found sitting in bases amongst other Legion members. These Airships will display a special symbol allowing players to easily spot and rally them for goods.

Sharn Hoiste, a new 5-star hero, will join the list of collectible heroes this spring. Heroes that were only obtainable through events such as Sarah, Crow the Sword Phantom, and the Dark Prince are now available at the Point Shop. Other hero updates include changes to the summoning board system. The list of items from summoning boards has been replaced with the Essence of Hero item, previously known as the Secret of Hero item. Now, collecting enough of these will allow players to obtain specific heroes instantly.

A new Machina promotion feature joins the admirals of Antaria. Asura, El Gennaro, Janus, Arbalest, and Alondite can be promoted with the Essence of Machina item obtained from hunting level 20 or above Machina. With this item, players can promote their robot companions up to 3-star at the Hangar. Each promotion will strengthen their capabilities.

Last month’s update brought the Ruins Conquest mode to the western region. Now, players can compete for the eastern, southern, and northern regions too. Scrolls to level up your S-level heroes have been added to the list of Ruins Conquest rewards. This item can be used on Lv. 50 or above 6-star heroes.

The War of Genesis is a strategy MMORPG showcasing 80+ unique heroes, various guild content, customization, hero decks, and special voice acting from well-known actors such as Wendee Lee, Cristina Vee, Spike Spencer, Orion Acaba, and Imari Williams.

About Joycity

Joycity Corporation is a premier game developer and publisher that specializes in games across all platforms for the global market. Some well-received mobile titles from Joycity include Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War developed in partnership with Disney, Game of Dice, Gunship Battle: Total Warfare, and The War of Genesis. Joycity’s diverse game portfolio also includes the FreeStyle street sports games on PC, the latest entry to the franchise being 3on3 FreeStyle for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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