Shimmerfly - Exclusive Card Reveal for Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows

Card Name: Shimmerfly

Class: Hunter
Rarity: Rare
Type: Minion (Beast)
Cost: 1
Stats: 1/1

Effect: 'Deathrattle: Add a random Hunter spell to your hand.'

Inven Global's exclusive card reveal for 'Rise of Shadows', the first Hearthstone expansion of the Dragon Year, is a Hunter minion, Shimmerfly.

Shimmerfly is very similar to Webspinner in that it's a 1-cost 1/1 Hunter minion that adds a random card to your hand. As a beast minion, Shimmerfly can fit well into most Hunter decks that focus on beast synergy.

▲ Webspinner, an early game Hunter card that combo'd well with Kill Command

Shimmerfly's beast synergy and board presence, however, are quite lacking when compared to other beast cards such as Timber Wolf and/or Springpaw. In addition, Shimmerfly's card effect is deathrattle, so you won't be able to play it as proactively as other similar discover or battlecry cards. 

But Shimmerfly is a low-cost card that can be played lightheartedly. So 9 times out of 10, using a silence card on Shimmerfly won't be worth it for your opponent. This will allow Shimmerfly's deathrattle to be activated quite reliably. Who knows? You might receive a random offensive spell (ex. Kill Command) to complete your lethal combo. 

Being a 1-cost deathrattle minion, there are varying applications in how Shimmerfly could be used. You can combine the effects of Spirit of the Lynx to throw down Shimmerfly as a 1 mana 2/2 minion or pair it with Toxmonger to use it as a disposable poisonous minion. If you're preparing a Zul'jin based deck with the new 'Unleash the Beast' in mind, Shimmerfly could be a solid addition in that it's a minion that can provide you with a spell. 

You can also consider using Shimmerfly in conjunction with the other cards from the 'Rise of Shadows' expansion. Looking at the Hunter cards alone, you can add Shimmerfly to spell-based decks alongside Vareesa Windrunner and/or Marked Shot. And by using Nine Lives, you could secure a cheap beast minion that may provide you with a clutch spell. 

▲ In Rise of Shadows, there are Hunter cards that play around spells and deathrattles

In summary, Shimmerfly isn't a card that can singlehandedly change the outcome of a game. However, as a 1-cost beast minion that provides a free Hunter spell upon its death, Shimmerfly is a versatile minion that could be used in most Hunter deck types.

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