DAMWON Micro on KT: "I thought that KT wouldn't prepare any risky plays since they'd know the pressure might come to them."

On the 31st of March (KST), DAMWON Gaming went against kt Rolster in the 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 45. The last series for the Spring split was very important for KT since it was their last chance to avoid falling to the Summer Promotions. However, the DAMWON players were ahead in every matter. They dominated the series and secured themselves a 2:0 victory. 

After the match, DAMWON's head coach, Kim "Micro" Mok-kyoung joined the press room for a post-match interview. 


How does it feel to finish the regular split?

I'm very happy that we've met our goals; making it to the playoffs. 


It was a very important match for KT. Did you expect anything special from them during the series?

Since I performed in a lot of Promotions / Relegations, I know that it's really pressuring when performing with a special plan prepared. And, I also thought that KT wouldn't prepare any risky plays since they'd know the pressure might come to them. 


KT went with Camille-Olaf in game 2. What were your thoughts on this pick?

Since Smeb-Score were performing, it seemed likely that they'd play around the top lane. That's why I picked Rek'Sai to get the jungle advantage. I also tried to make a draft where we can win fights. Also, Camille isn't a champion that's strong in the early game so we were able to perform comfortably. 


You'll face SANDBOX in the Wildcards. As a matter of fact, DAMWON lost against them twice in the regular split. How will you prepare for that matchup? 

When I see the high-tier teams perform recently, I think that the way the players' play is more important than the draft. It's like watching Griffin perform. They seem like they can win no matter what they do. On the other hand, we can't win using the same draft. (laughs) That's why I'm not going to plan anything special; I'll focus on fixing the mistakes we made during the regular split. 


Some say that your team rather underperformed compared to the amount of expectation they received going into the Spring split. What are your thoughts? 

Personally, reflecting on how we've performed this split, I do think we did receive the 'right' rank in the standings. Still, I do feel sorry for the fans since they might have wanted some more from us. I'll try my best to prepare more for the fans for our next split. 


Any last words? 

Since we've made it to the postseason, I think that our split isn't over yet. We'll prepare well for our future matches and try best to go higher up in the playoffs. 

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