KZ PawN on playing Glacial Augment Morgana: "I forgot to buy GLP... it felt like I was playing without any runes; no Comet, no Aery."

On the 29th of March (KST), Kingzone DragonX played against Griffin in the 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 43. In the match, Kingzone took a clean 2-0 victory and declared battle for 2nd place with SK Telecom T1. Heo “PawN” Won-seok and Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan delivered good performances in the two games and were voted as MVPs and were interviewed.

▲ Image source: LCK Korea Twitch Channel

You brought down Griffin today. How do you feel?

: I didn’t think that we’ll win 2-0; I thought we would either win 2-1 or lose 1-2. I guess we’re strong at the end.

(To PawN) Early in the split, you struggled a bit, but now, your performance is amazing. You got three straight MVPs. What’s the reason?

PawN: I didn’t have much practice time last year so I struggled early in Round 1. After losing to Griffin and SANDBOX, I thought I should put in more effort. It was rather lucky that we met strong teams when I was in a bad form and I was able to use that as motivation to improve. I guess that’s why I was able to do better in Round 2.

How about you, Cuzz, how do you feel about today’s win?

Cuzz: I feel good that we won 2-0 today. It feels that I was still lacking in some parts so I want to do better. I’m sorry to my teammates. The regular season’s over now; I’m thankful to the team office, coaching staff, teammates, and all the sub and practice members.

You played against Tarzan. How was it?

: Surely, Tarzan is really good. I think I was too nervous today, but if I meet him again, if I play with what I felt today, I’ll do better.

(To PawN) As of Corki and Morgana today, you played 19 different champions this season. How can you be good at so many champions?

: I’ve been in the scene for quite a while now, so I think that’s why I can play so many. Since the champions have been in the game for long, unless it’s a new champ, if I play a few games, I remember how to play them.

Giving Lissandra up and countering with Corki is becoming a popular strategy. What do you think?

PawN: Since Lissandra has the initiative, she roams around a lot so it’s alright in mid lane but the side lanes suffer a lot. If the top and bottom lanes don’t give up kills because of that, Corki gets the upper hand later in the game.

Game 1 turned around in the fight in front of the dragon.

: I thought we would lose, but Rascal used his Stopwatch well, and Jayce made a mistake. I think that’s why we were able to win.

(To PawN) You used Glacial Augment on Morgana and bought Twin Shadows as your third core item.

: I was supposed to buy GLP as my first core, but I forgot to buy it and just went with items that I usually bought. It felt like something was missing. In the middle of the game, it felt like I was playing without any runes; no Comet, no Aery... So I bought Twin Shadows as my third core thinking I should utilize my rune at least once.

Cuzz: I didn’t know either, but he confessed at around his third core item. (Laughs)

(To Cuzz) Your Rek’Sai was really good as well. Is she your favorite pick?

: I feel that she’s my best champion and since she’s pretty good [in the meta], I use her often.

How were the plans during the game?

: Rek’Sai is good at cutting off side lanes so I tried to do that often.

The regular season is now over, and Kingzone ended the season on a good streak. A word to the fans?

PawN: When we were first gathered as a team, there were many people that thought we wouldn’t be good; I’m thankful that there still were many people that had faith in us and cheered for us. I think we were able to finish Round 2 with good results thanks to that support. I’ll do my best to get good results in the playoffs as well.

If Afreeca beats SKT, you'll end up in 2nd place. Would you like to leave a message for Afreeca?

: Afreeca fighting! (Laughs)

PawN: Although we beat you, we also defeated KT and Gen.G, so don’t be too disappointed. Since I’m close to Ucal and SSUN, I hope you do well.

Who do you think will come through the wild-card match?

: I think SANDBOX will come. Although we lost in Round 1, we had a clean win in Round 2. Since they’re not that scary of a team, I think we’ll be able to do well.

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