DWG Nuguri: "Kayle is really hot in solo queue and has an extremely high win rate. More than anything, she’s a really fun champion to play."

On March 28th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 42 Match 2, DAMWON Gaming defeated Gen.G Esports. DAMWON had already secured the wild-card slot, but Gen.G needed a win to get out of the danger of going to the relegation match. Reworked Kayle appeared in the top lane of DAMWON Gaming in Game 2; dealing enormous damage in the game. After the match, the sole MVP of the match, Nuguri was interviewed.

Below is an interview with Nuguri.


How do you feel about today’s win and getting the MVP?

It feels really good being the sole MVP of the match. I also feel really good because today’s match against Gen.G was really fun.

You usually have a really serious face when you play in the game; it seems that you really feel good today.

The game went well from the early game and what I did today was like a game that any top laner dreams of. Shaking up the opponent by split pushing was fun as well.

The team reached the playoffs while you weren’t playing on stage. Were you watching the games?

It was a time where I thought I wasn’t doing well enough. While Flame performed on stage, I was concentrating on training and practicing in solo queue a lot. The coaching staff watched the matches and told me how they went.

You picked Arcane Comet on Ryze against Neeko. Is there a specific reason?

I tried many different runes on Ryze and Arcane Comet seemed pretty good so I picked that. There are pros and cons in taking Phase Rush and Arcane Comet. Arcane Comet is good when I want to deal more damage. I wanted to push the side lanes strong.

You only bought damage items.

When I first recalled, the opponent bought magic resistance, so I bought my items accordingly. Tank Ryze is popular recently; I think that’s pretty good as well.

Kayle appeared in top lane in about 5 years. Why did you pick Kayle?

Kayle is really hot in solo queue and has an extremely high win rate. More than anything, she’s a really fun champion to play. I played diverse champions in solo queue; Kayle seemed good so I picked her.

In solo queue, the game often blows up before Kayle can scale. I trusted my teammates and asked them to endure everything until I scale, so it’s better in a team game. Canyon looked after top lane a lot as well so I had the upper hand. I even got lucky today; I got Elixir of Skill so I was able to evolve earlier.

You didn’t join your teammates in the Baron fight. How were the calls?

The 5v5 teamfights didn’t turn out that good so we thought we should penetrate through the sides.

Did you expect your teammates to win the Baron teamfight?

Since the 5v5s in mid lane didn’t go that well, I didn’t think they would win the fight; what I expected was stealing Baron or just stopping the opponents from recalling. I was rather frustrated because they lost the fight with me but won without me. (Laughs)

Lastly a word to the fans?

I feel so good that I played on stage in a while and played well to get MVP. Thank you for cheering for me.

Your last match is against KT. How will you prepare?

I’ll stay concentrated until the end and do my best to deliver good performance.

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