SKT Clid on Faker: "I thought he would be too serious. Now that I’ve lived with him for a while, I found out he's rather childish."

On the 28th (KST), in the first match of 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 42, SK Telecom T1 defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2-0. Although it was a sweep, it wasn’t easy for SKT to take the game. In the match, Kim “Clid” Tae-min delivered excellent performance on Jarvan IV and Elise. After the match, he spared some time to talk to Inven Global.


You’re now a step closer to securing second place. How do you feel?

Although I’m a bit dissatisfied with how the games went, winning the match was important; we needed the win so that part is satisfying.

What part was so dissatisfying?

In Game 1, we were a bit hesitant and in Game 2, we made tons of mistakes. The teamfights were especially dissatisfying.

In Game 2, your Elise had the most damage dealt within the team.

I used W a lot which kind of acted like a poking strategy. I think that’s why.

Which moment of today’s game was the most difficult and when did you think that you won?

The most difficult part was Irelia’s quadra-kill in front of Baron and the -- Vayne ending? (Laughs) Those were the hardest moments. When I thought we won was when I killed Vayne when she was recalling. (Did you predict that Vayne would still be there?) Jin Air seemed like they were moving towards Baron, so I went to check if they were hitting Baron; that’s when I found her recalling there.

All the lanes of your team have the ability to hyper-carry. As a jungler, how does it feel playing in a team like that?

It would be a lie if I say I feel no pressure, but I think it’s a very positive thing that anybody in our team can carry if they scale well.

Looking back at this season, which moments would you pick as the best and worst moments?

(Laughs) The worst would be the moment we lost to Griffin in Round 2. I think the best moment would be us getting revenge in Round 2 against the team which we lost to in Round 1.

What you just mentioned was the team’s moments. What about personal moments?

Personally, I sometimes think what would’ve happened if I just farmed instead of diving top at Lv.3 against Griffin. The best moment was the game against KT where I picked up kills wherever I went and stacked up benefits more than the opponent jungler wherever I went.

The season is nearing an end. How close did you get to your teammates?

The other players are all older than I am, but they seem like the same age so I got close pretty fast. Now that we’re close, when there are things that are rather hard to say during feedback, it’s easier. We just keep the line where we wouldn’t hurt each others’ feelings.

If you pick one player you’re closest to, who would you pick?

I’ve known Khan the longest, so I think he’s the closest.

In an earlier interview today, Khan says that you’re boastful in everyday life.

(Laughs) I think Khan said that because I tend to act a bit proud when we rewatch the VODs of games I get MVPs.

Who’s has the most different impression from what you thought of before joining the team?

(Without hesitating) Faker. I thought he would be too serious. Now that I’ve lived with him for a while, I found out he's rather childish. (Laughs) He kids around a lot.

It would be different according to the team situation, but which player calls for ganks the most?

Usually, I make the shotcalls for ganks the most; among the laners, it would be Faker. I think he calls for ganks the most because he likes fighting and he's really confident. 

Lastly, a word to your teammates and fans?

The coaching staff, my teammates including the substitute members are all doing our best. Although they don’t appear on stage, I wish the fans remember them. Thank you for always cheering for us.

I’m also thankful to my teammates and especially thankful to the coaching staff for all the effort they make.

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