SKT Khan on Clid: "As much as he knows he's good, he puts in a lot of effort... I do agree that he's SKT's treasure."

On the 28th of March (KST), in the 2019 LCK Spring Split match between SK Telecom T1 and Jin Air Green Wings, SKT was able to take a clean 2-0 victory. As of today’s win, SKT took another step closer to securing a bye to the semifinals. After the match, the MVPs, Kim “Clid” Tae-min and Kim “Khan” Dong-ha were interviewed.

The following is an interview with Clid and Khan.

▲ Image source: LCK Korea Twitch Channel

Congratulations on today's win. How do you feel about today’s match?

Clid: I think most things went as we planned; we just need to make up for the things we lacked.

Khan: The opponent in Game 2 was so energetic and aggressive, maybe because he’s a rookie. I was punished once, but I think I was able to make up for it with my experience.

How did you plan your jungle paths against Seize?

Clid: Rather than planning to play against a specific person, I just played as myself.

You had very high kill participation and the pathing in the early game was good. What do you think is the most important in planning ganks?

Clid: I think each player thinks different things are important; in my case, I think the angle I go in is sharp. (Can you share more details?) That’s confidential business information. (Laughs)

You’ve been practicing Urgot quite often recently. What do you think about the Urgot pick?

Clid: Urgot isn’t that good in affecting lanes, but he becomes good later on when it comes to skirmishes or teamfights. If the situation gets to a favorable situation for Urgot, he might appear.

(To Khan) It didn’t seem easy playing against Irelia in Game 2.

Khan: Seeing him avoiding my skills so easily, I thought ‘am I too old?’ (Laughs) But it went well later on.

Game 2 went on for quite long. Wasn’t it hard to maintain your concentration?

Khan: Until we were able to destroy the opponent’s Nexus, we didn’t think we had the upper hand. I think we were able to maintain our concentration until the end because we have many experienced players. I’m thankful to my teammates for doing so.

You picked up a solo kill when you were trailing 2 levels. How did you do that?

Khan: At that time, Irelia was holding on to a lot of gold, and since she missed her E, I fought thinking I would win if I do. Fortunately, I did win. When I’m behind, I usually think that I need to make a move, so I went in.

People are saying that Clid is SKT’s treasure. Have you heard of that?

: I don’t know about that. I think I was able to earn that reputation because my teammates are so good.

Khan: In my opinion, he’s pretending to be humble because it’s a broadcasted interview. (Laughs) He’s usually not that humble. But as much as he knows he’s good, he puts in a lot of effort, so I do agree that he’s SKT’s treasure.

Your last match is against Afreeca. How will you prepare?

Clid: It’s the last match of the season; I won’t fall careless and deliver good performance till the end.

Khan: The best way of ending the regular season for us is in second place, and after that, we have the playoffs. All I’m thinking is doing my best with all my life until it’s over.

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    level 1 Myth_Jobs


    Hello, can you help me with the name of that girl who interviewed to Clid and Khan?

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      level 32 Viion

      @Myth_Jobs Her name is Kim Mina. She previously worked as a weather presenter for JTBC. :)

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