Griffin Viper: "It'd be nice if DAMWON heads to the finals. We do have a good record against them so I think they'll feel more pressured."

On the 23rd (KST), Griffin defeated DAMWON Gaming 2:0 and secured their 1st place for this 2019 LCK Spring Split. The players dominated the series and proved why they've been on a 9W - 0L record against DAMWON. After the match, Griffin's bottom laner, Viper joined the press room for a post-match interview. 


With today's victory, you'll be heading straight to the finals. How does it feel? 

Although we secured our spot at the finals, we still have some tough teams to face in our remaining fixtures. We'll have to perform well on those 2 matches in order to display good performance in the finals also. I'll work hard as I've usually been doing. I'm thankful that we've got a chance to show our performance in the finals stage. 


You have quite a one-sided record against DAMWON. Did you expect an easy victory?

I didn't lower my guards since each and every DAMWON players are quality players that have very high solo queue ranks. So, I wasn't really conscious about our past record against them. 


Looking back through this Spring Split, which match do you remember the most? 

I think I remember the Hanwha match where I made a Penta Kill. I also remember game 1 against Gen.G which was frustrating. We were winning that match but we simply ruined it with our own hands. If we managed to deal with that properly, we wouldn't have fallen to a losing streak. Yeah, it was frustrating. 


Now that you've secured a spot at the finals, you'll have some more time to practice. What will you focus on during practice? 

The patch will change as well as the meta, so I'll have to find a good champion as fast as possible. It doesn't matter which team we'll be facing; we'll be preparing a lot in order to display our performance on stage. We'll have to focus not only on our individual mechanics but our teamwork as well.


What are your thoughts on AD Neeko? 

I think she's quite good in the top lane since she has the advantage in most of the 1 vs 1 laning. Neeko is also good used as a bottom lane marksman since she has good enough attack range compared to the other champions that are used recently. If you can get the early to mid game advantage on her, she's a viable pick. 


Which team do you want to face in the finals? 

I think we can win no matter the team. Well, I do think it'd be nice if DAMWON wins the teams in the playoffs one by one and heads to the finals. We do have a good record against them so I think they'll feel more pressured. However, as our head coach said, no matter which team advances to the finals, we'll try our best to win.

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