GEN Fly: "I'm ready to play any champion my team asks me to play."

Fly appealed that he can pick any champion if the team asks him to.

On the 22nd (KST), in the 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 39 match between Gen.G Esports and Afreeca Freecs, Gen.G had a clean 2-0 victory. As of today’s win, Gen.G and Afreeca switch places in the standings. In the match, Song “Fly” Yong-jun contributed to the team’s victory with Orianna and LeBlanc.

Below is an interview with Fly.


How do you feel about today’s win?

It was an important match for us today. We’re still in the danger of going to the relegation match; I’m satisfied that we were able to claim a clean 2-0 victory.

The win today was like Gen.G’s old style: slow macro.

Afreeca is really good at objective fights in the early game and they’re also good at getting vision. I think that’s why we were a bit delayed. What we thought was that the team that makes mistakes will lose so we concentrated on not making mistakes. I think our team all did a bit better than the opponent in the late game.

As the team’s captain, you must have a lot of regrets about the results this season.

I went through hard times several times while I was playing as a pro player, and this year is one of them. I played through the split thinking I should trust my teammates. I think the first step went in the wrong direction for our team. We may have been too self-confident.

You once competed with top laner Roach for the starting roster in mid lane. How was that?

Whoever that experiences this would do so; it hurt my pride. It was a new experience though so it was interesting in a way. Still, I was a bit curious about how my team will do without me.

It seems that Orianna is only played by you in the LCK.

Orianna is a champion that can do well in teamfights. I’m also confident in playing her. I’m confident of doing well against anybody if the game goes into the teamfight phase.

In Game 2, you picked LeBlanc. It was surprising because you seldom play aggressive champions.

We felt that our plays become too usual because we always do what we do. The coaching staff recommended playing LeBlanc.

You played LeBlanc quite often in the past and the results were pretty good, but you don’t play aggressive champions much anymore.

I'm ready to play any champion my team asks me to play. (Laughs) The champions I play are the ones that my team wants and needs. I usually listen to the coaches’ picks and choose from them. From time to time, I also appeal what I want to play as well.

Your performance on LeBlanc was really good, but you didn’t get MVP.

It’s alright. As long as Ruler can gain more confidence and deliver good performance through stacking up MVPs, I’m satisfied. It would have been better if I got it though. (Laughs)

Gen.G is not yet completely free of the danger of going to the relegation match. What do you think needs to be improved?

I think if we improve on getting vision, we can beat all the remaining matches.

Any last comments?

This is my first interview this spring split. I want to show good performance in the remaining matches. To my teammates, I want to say ‘let’s all do well’. Also, I saw that SSUN said he thinks Gen.G will go to the relegation match. Now that Afreeca is also in danger, I’d like to tell him to keep that in mind.

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