BDO KR Patch Notes March 20th - New Area&Items added, Devour and Caphras Enhancement improved

 * Certain terms/names used in this post are temporari translations and are subject to change. 



New Event: EXP Boost Hours in Spring
  -  From March 20th to May 29th
  -  Enjoy the spring with EXP and Black Stone drop rate boost hours!

New Event: Cherry Blossom Festival
  -  From March 20th to April 10th
  -  Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in BDO!


[New Updates - Black Star Weapon and Star Grave]

New area “Star Grave” has been added to the northwest of Calpheon.
- The area is located at northwest of Calpheon, where the whole area is covered by thick fog. Extremely powerful monsters dwell here.
- Node manager NPC and related Knowledge have been added.
- You will not get any “diseases” in Star Grave.
  -  The dominators of the Star Grave have been unveiled.
  -  When Unstable Star Debris in the Star Grave are destroyed, the monsters nearby will lose consciousness or die immediately due to a reverse flow of mana.
  -  The recommended AP of the Star Grave is 260.
  -  Remains of Corruption will decrease the character’s DP, so it must be killed fast.
  -  Apostle of Vice will absorb the dark energy of the Star Grave by a certain chance and evolve into Apostle of Corruption.
  -  Apostle of Corruption is more powerful than other monsters, and will disappear if not killed in 5 minutes.
  -  Monsters at Star Grave have more chances of dropping Lump of Pure Mana.

New mainhand weapon “Black Star” weapon has been added. 
  -  Click here to see the stats  
  -  The Black Star weapons have higher grade than the other main weapons.
  -  You can choose to Caphras-enhance the old main weapons or start enhancing the Black Star weapons.
  -  The Black Star weapon requires 1 Concentrated Magical Black Stone(Weapon) from +0 to +15.
  -  The Black Star weapon requires 1 Flawless Magical Black Stone from PRI to PEN.
  -  After completing the quest “Black Star Weapon Shard”, you can accept the quest to craft the Black Star weapon from Dorrin Morgrim, the legendary blacksmith. You can obtain the Black Star weapon by completing the quest.
  -  The Black Star weapon is only obtainable through quests, and cannot be enhanced with Caphras Stones.

The main quests for the forbidden area near Calpheon and Star Grave have been added.

New quests for crafting the Black Star weapon have been added.
  -  In order to start the quest, you must have the item “Debris of the Rift” and the Knowledge “The Three Blacksmiths of Mediah”.
  -  Debris of the Rift can be obtained by defeating the boss monsters summoned from the Dark Rift.
  -  The Knowledge “The Three Blacksmiths of Mediah” is obtainable by completing the quest chain that starts from the quest “The Three Blacksmiths”, which you can receive from NPC Tulem after completing the Mediah main quests. If you have already finished the quest, you can talk to NPC Tulem to obtain the Knowledge.
  -  The quest for crafting the Black Star weapon is available once per character.
  -  The quest has two routes. If you are an experienced player, you can defeat a powerful boss. If you are a relatively new player, you can choose to fight against a weakened boss.

New item “Eye of Darkness” has been added.
  -  Eye of Darkness is a summon scroll that you can craft via Manufacturing.
  -  The materials are Concentrated Energy of Boss x3 and Red Eye x1.
  -  Concentrated Energy of Boss is obtainable by Heating boss weapons (1 Energy per weapon)
  -  Red Eye is obtainable through the quest mentioned above.

Flawless Magical Black Stone, an enhancement material for the Black Star weapon, has been added.
  -  Flawless Magical Black Stone can only be crafted via Heating.
  -  The materials are 1 Sharp Black Crystal Shard, 1 Hard Black Crystal Shard, and 1 Lump of Pure Mana. 

Lump of Pure Mana can be obtained by the below ways, and cannot be registered at the Marketplace.
  -  Crafting at Altinova 7-1 Refinery Tier 4.
  -  Grinding Black Stones (low chance).
  -  Defeating Giant Mudster, Dim Tree Spirit, Red Nose, Dastard Bheg, Katsvariak
  -  Grinding and Gathering (all area, low chance)
  -  Exchange with 15 Illusion of Calamity by talking to Oaarma, an NPC in Star Grave.
  -  Illusion of Calamity is obtainable via a daily quest in Star Grave.

Crystal of Corrupted Energy has been added.
  -  The Crystal can be transfused into crystal slots in sub-weapons.
  -  Base stat: Critical damage +10%, All AP +2, All damage reduction -2
  -  2 set bonus: Critical damage +2%
  -  The Crystal can be crafted via Simple Alchemy by mixing the following materials: Transparent Black Star Crystal x1 + Magic Crystal of Infinity - Critical Hit x1 + Forest Fury x3
  -  Transparent Black Star Crystal can be looted from the monsters in Star Grave.

New Furniture “Garden Portrait of a Dead God” has been added.
  -  The item is obtainable through the newly added main quests for Star Grave.
  -  The item cannot be registered at the Marketplace and can be sold to NPC vendors with high price.



The amount of Caphras Stones required to Caphras-Enhance a PEN(V) gear has decreased by 25%.
- The amount has decreased, but the effect will remain the same.
- There are a total of 20 Caphras levels, and the amount of Caphras Stones required to upgrade the Cahpras level to the next level has decreased.
- If you have already used Caphras Stones to upgrade your PEN gear, the Caphras level of your gear will be adjusted in accordance with the new required amount. If you have already upgraded your gear to level 20 (maximum Caphras level), the difference will be sent to your mailbox.

Devour feature has been improved.
- You can now use Devour even when you have more than +1 failstacks.
- If you have more than +1 failstacks, you can only Devour green or higher gear. (No item grade restrictions when you have 0 failstack.)
- You can use +8 or higher weapons and +6 or higher armors as a Devour material. (Same as before)

Gear with Crystals or enhanced with Caphras Stones cannot be Devoured.

New sound effects are added when the Devour succeeds.

A pop-up window describing the Devour feature has been added.

Pitch-Black Abyssal weapon, an upgraded version of the Black Abyssal weapon, has been added.
  -  Pitch-Black Abyssal weapons can be crafted through the new Valencia main story quests. You can Heat Pitch-Black Alloy, which you can obtain during the new Valencia main quests, with Black Abyssal weapon to obtain the Pitch-Black Abyssal weapon.
  -  The quest is available once per family.
  -  You can start the quest by talking to Tulem in Mediah after completing the Awakening quests, Mediah main quests, and Black Abyssal weapon quests.


[Quest and Knowledge]

The condition to accept the quest “Dying Abun” has changed to players who are going through the new quests cannot accept the quest.

Navigation during the quest “Defeating Imps” has been improved.

The amount of small HP potions you get from the early game main quests has increased.

Characters who have completed the old main quest “Witch Hunting” will be able to accept the quest “Looking Back”.

The amount of points you have to get in order to complete Rulupee’s Travel Log has decreased.

If you have the Knowledge “Rubon the City Herald”, you can start Adventure Log: Herald even if you did not complete Igor Bartali’s Adventure Log.

You can now accept the quest to obtain Valks’ Advice through the renewed Mediah quests.



Part of Explorer’s Compass has been added to the item drop list for Hystria Ruins.

Description of the set bonus for Krogdalo’s Horse Gear - Earth has been edited. (DP > Damage Reduction)

Chances to otbain Sycreeth’s Song from the following monsters have greatly increased.
  -  Jera Protty, Kaz Protty, Damaged Laykinn, Damaged Kuraeva, Laykinn, Kuraeva, Elmermol, Sycreeth

Descriptions on how to obtain the item have been added to the tooltip of certain Spirit Stones.

Naga Commander’s Neck Ornament can be sold to NPC vendors. (4000 silver)


[All Classes]

The appearance of the Black Spirit in its 2nd Awakening phase has changed.

The graphical effects of the following skills have been improved.
  -  Witch, Wizard, Tamer, and Berserker : bardhad attack
  -  Dark Knight : Unveiled Dagger, Twilight Dash
  -  Ninja : Sura ChaoSpree

The additional AP and DP you can get by reaching level 56 and 60 and from Adventure Logs will now be applied to the AP and damage reduction bonuses that are applied when you reach a certain range.

The animation that prevents your character from falling over from high altitude has been improved.

Fixed the issue where you could not switch character when the character is not equipping a weapon.



The damage of the attack when switching to pre-awakening weapon by pressing directional key + C will be the same as the damage of Slash that the Warrior currently has.

Fixed the issue where the camera effect of Slash was too strong during mounted combat.



Fixed the issue where the damage of the attack when switching to pre-awakening weapon by pressing directional key + C was not applied.



The damage of the attack when switching to pre-awakening weapon by pressing directional key + C will be the same as the damage of Dark Split that the Sorceress currently has.



The speed of the arrows that are displayed when using the skill Descending Current has increased, and the Ranger can switch gear after a certain seconds.

Fixed the awkward animation when the Ranger stops moving after using Evasive Explosion Shot III and Absolute: Evasive Explosion Shot twice in a row.

Fixed the issue where the sound of Descending Current played when using Evasive Explosion Shot immediately after Flow: Crossing Wind or Descending Current.



The Tamer can now get on a mount while sprinting.

Fixed the issue where the damage of the attack when switching to pre-awakening weapon by pressing directional key + C was not applied.


[Musa and Maehwa]

Fixed the issue where the Musa/Maehwa was unable to move or use skills after switching to pre-awakening weapon by pressing directional key + C.


[Kunoichi and Ninja]

The damage of the attack when switching to pre-awakening weapon by pressing directional key + C will be the same as the damage of Wind Slash that the Kunoichi/Ninja currently has.


[Wizard and Witch]

Fixed the issue where Lava Field/Toxic Flood did not fully hit enemies.

The skills that you can check in the Skill Guide have changed.
  -  Magical Shield, Healing Aura > Fireball, Lightning Chain



Fixed the issue where the consecutive hits of Soul Basher using Martial Spirit Shards could only hit enemies 5 times at maximum.



The AoE of the skills that Ahib’s Griffon from the Dark Rift uses will not be displayed anymore.

The AoE of the powerful skills that Ancient Puturum from the Dark Rift will be displayed before the skill is activated.

The AoE of Bheg’s basic attack has increased.

Certain monsters in Imp Cave will not attack the characters first.

Gray Wolf Leader has been added in front of Ancient Stone Chamber.

Fixed the issue where the camera effects and graphics of Giath’s attacks did not match the physical movement of Giath.

Rumor about the ghosts in the Gray Forest is spreading among villagers.



A new feature where the Black Spirit randomly says something during the early main quests has been added.

The graphical and sound effects when extracting Inverted Heart of Garmoth have been added.

The sizes of the below outlinings/icons have been adjusted.
  -  Item icons and grade outlinings
  -  Trade items expiration date icons
  -  Time limit icons
  -  Cooldown icons

Fixed the issue where the button for Underwear Setting was not displayed when opening the Equipment window after repairing gear.

The number of slots available when Heating has increased to 3.

Fixed the issue where certain tabs in the Guild window was inactive.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

When you fall off from Cron Castle, you can now go up to Cron Castle again through a direct path instead of going around.

Awkward bushes around the area where the game starts have been removed.

Fixed the issue where HP Potion (Beginner) was obtainable from supply pedestal multiple times during the tutorials.

The bushes on some walls around Valencia have been removed.



Navigation around Hope Pier in Valencia has been improved.

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    level 30 Moist

    This new mainhand actually sounds kinda nice.

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    level 5 That_Guy

    Would it be possible to get information about the Herald Adventure logs? Like rewards and such.

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    level 3 IGabrant


    Is this correct?: " All damage reduction -2 "
    like frenzy elixir, you lose DR using the new crystals?

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      level 30 Yullie


      Hi :) this is the tooltip of the new crystal. The highlighted area says Critical hit damage +10% & All AP +2 & All Damage Reduction -2. So yes, you lose DR if you use this crystal.

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