The Esports Olympics Is Back: WCG Makes a Return After 6 Years.

▲ Who will be the new 'Legend' Player?

Formed in the year 2000, the 'World Cyber Games' (WCG) is an international esports competition that hosts a wide variety of popular game titles for esports athletes from around the world to compete in. Having been one of the largest international tournaments at the time of establishment - not to mention the WCG's similar format to the Olympic Games - the WCG was widely regarded by many esports enthusiasts as the "Esports Olympics."  Athletes competing in the tournament fought for the gold, silver, and bronze while representing their country. 

Now in the year 2019, WCG makes a return. Officially titled the "WCG 2019 Xi'an," the main event of the tournament will be held at the Qujiang New District in Xi'an, China from July 18 to 21. The game title lineup for this year's WCG are as follows: Warcraft 3, Hearthstone, Clash Royale, Honor of Kings, DOTA 2, and Crossfire


▲Esports Shoutcaster Valdez introduces the WCG title lineup

The WCG is currently accepting player registrations, and the online qualifiers have already begun. Applications for National Preliminaries can be made through the official website, here.

▲Valdez kindly shares how you can participate in the 2019 WCG

For more details of the official WCG games and tournament schedule, visit

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    level 1 laughingwindow

    Hype! Hope it's successful this year and continue to grow in following years
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    level 1 rokmc892

    Awesome!! Welcome back WCG!!

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    level 1 Clash

    The legend of e-sport come back

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