Vancouver Titans Seominsoo, Twilight, and Coach Yang1 on GOATS, Bumper's Overplays, and Their Rivals

Vancouver Titans who joined Overwatch League in 2019 attracted a lot of interest even before the season started. The team was formerly known as RunAway; a team that has been representing the South Korean Overwatch scene along with Lunatic-Hai, LW Blue, KongDoo Panthera, and GC Busan.

This team, whose prowess which once was neck-and-neck with the teams that debuted in Overwatch League, still had what it takes; even more improved in certain parts. Vancouver ended Stage 1 in first place without conceding any losses. They will be joining the Stage 1 playoffs as one of the strongest teams in the league.

We had a chance to interview Seominsoo, Twilight, and coach Yang1 to listen to what they thought after finishing Stage 1 and heading to playoffs.

▲ Twilight, Seominsoo, Yang1 from left to right. (Image Source: Blizzard)

You finished Stage 1 in first place with an undefeated record. The start of the team’s debut to the league seems to be successful. How do you feel?

Yang1: Obviously, I’m really happy. It’s fun living with the players I’ve been with for long in a place far from home. Since the results we obtained are fruits of all our effort, it’s even more satisfying.

: I actually wasn’t able to play much when we were in contenders. I’ve always thought that I want to show what I’ve got when we get to the Overwatch League; I’m very happy that I was able to perform on stage more often and deliver good performance.

Twilight: I thought we would do well even in the Overwatch League but I certainly did not think we would go undefeated.

You’ve been in the US for quite a while now and there’s still a long way to go. How’s life in the US?

Seominsoo: I’m living in a very good house here and our chef is awesome. I think I was able to adapt to the new environment because of that and the good results followed.

Even before the team joined the Overwatch League, many people evaluated the team would be ‘league material’ and as a matter of fact, you ended up in 1st place. How were the teams you faced in the league?

Yang1: We had good results in Contenders and we predicted that we would have good results in the league as well. The results we had were expected; I think we’re better than the other teams in the league. We’re faster when it comes to attempting new strategies and solutions.

Are there any teams or players that you consider as rivals?

Twilight: In my position, I think Jjonak is my biggest rival. He’s superior compared to other pro players in the league so I consider him as my rival.

Seominsoo: I would pick Nenne of New York Excelsior as my rival. I think his performance shows New York’s team color well.

Yang1: Among the teams we played against, San Francisco Shock played the best and were the most difficult to play against. I think New York is pretty good as well, but do you think our players would lose? (Laughs)

When Chengdu brought out an unconventional composition, the team was shaky. Do you have a solution to that?

Yang1: That type of composition was to snipe the GOATS meta, so it could have seemed like we were struggling. However, the team that won was the GOATS comp and that was us; I think it would be better to concentrate on our strengths.

Bumper sometimes overplays. As a coach, what are your thoughts on him?

Yang1: I think he’s good as he is. (Laughs) He’s good at giving feedback to himself and his teammates are very reliable; they can always cover for him.

What do the players want to say when Bumper shows those overly aggressive plays?

: I often struggle with Bumper’s style because I’m a support player. However, I think those types of plays are his strengths. If he can control himself when he’s too excited, he would be fine.

Seominsoo: Because of his aggressive plays and since I’ve played with him for long, I can find moments where I can shine as well. I also think if he can control himself when he’s excited, it would be perfect.

The commentator, Wolf, picked Twilight as the world’s best Zenyatta. Have you heard that?

Twilight: I’m extremely thankful to Wolf. However, I’m not able to call myself the best Zenyatta in the world just yet.

Many fans are looking forward to finals with New York Excelsior. As a rival that ran an undefeated record side by side, what do you think their weakness is?

: That they don’t have one? Or that they pretend they don’t have one? (Laughs)

Twilight: In my opinion, Jjonak is the only one that’s good. If he’s sick that day, that would be good. (Laughs)

Yang1: I wouldn’t say they have a clear weakness, but I think our strengths are a bit stronger.

Although the team is “Vancouver”, you live and play all matches in LA. What do you think of Vancouver?

Yang1: I’ve been there once before; the company treats us well and I think it’s a cool city. Whenever we play, people post videos of fans cheering for us from Vancouver. I would like to visit Vancouver for a fan meeting after the season.

The ‘second’ RunAway team are doing extremely well in Contenders. Are there any players that you’re looking forward to meeting in the league?

: Heesu. We’re the same positions so we talk a lot. I often spoke with him about games or how to counter certain compositions.

Twilight: I want to meet Mag. He’s still young, but he’s a player that I recommended strongly.

What do you think about the new hero, Baptiste? Do you think he’s strong enough to change the current meta?

: I like the skills; I think we may be able to stop GOATS with Baptiste. Personally, I don’t like burst style fire. That’s the only thing I’m not satisfied with.

Which map or map style do you prefer?

Seonminsoo: I like Watchpoint: Gibraltar; we don’t have it here in the league, but it’s a map that can use the old meta when we play in Competitive Play mode, so I like that map.

Twilight: I like Numbani. I like the fact that there are a lot of upstairs areas, passages, and spaces to utilize.

The league is divided into four stages. The meta will change on its way; do you think you’ll be able to get through the season with the members you have now?

: Of course. Since we have the best players, we’ll be able to get the best results.

Among the players you’ve met in the league, was there any player that you wanted to sign, or any player that you thought would be fun to have on the same team?

: I haven’t thought of it before, but if I had to pick, I would say Muma of Houston, Effect and rCk of Dallas. Maybe Gido of Washington for support?

Is there anything you’d like to say to Runner who’s in the army now?

: Both teams (RunAway and Vancouver) are not losing in the league and Contenders; I hope both teams continue to do well.

: Runner was the one who picked me up. I’m doing well because of him. I’d like to say thank you to Runner, Flowervin, and Palgeun.

Many fans visit and cheer for the teams in the league. Contenders are now held online. Do you think there are advantages for matches that are held offline?

: Of course. I feel more motivated when I see the fans cheering for me.

Twilight: When we play games in front of the fans, hearing their roars and cheers are completely different. Back in Korea, there were many fans that cheered especially for us; sometimes I miss that as well.

Lastly, a word to the fans?

: I’d like to thank everyone who always cheers for us.

: We were able to reach the playoffs because of the fans that cheer for us. Thank you always.

: We always hear your support. We’ll do our best so that we can keep up to your expectations. We’ll become a team that works harder. Thank you.

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