SKT Clid: "I think Faker is intentionally visiting my room ever since that went on live…(laughs) I don’t feel pressured since we see each other every day."

On the 17th of March (KST), SKT Telecom T1 defeated Hanwha Life Esports 2:1 in the 2019 LCK Spring Split.

Today’s matchup was important for both teams; SKT had a chance of advancing to 2nd place and Hanwha had a possibility of going to 5th. As expected, the series was a highly competitive one with full of ups and downs. In the end, it was SKT who came away victorious. After the match, we sat with SKT’s jungler, Clid for a 1 on 1 interview.

You defeated Hanwha 2-1. How does it feel?

In game 1, our picks didn’t have good lane clear and in general, our team was on quite a disadvantage. However, we made some feedback and won game 2.


In game 2, you guys dived into the fountain using Ryze’s ultimate. Who made that call?

We weren’t thinking about it that much but Khan suddenly said “Want to get some kills?” and that’s how we went in.


In the post-match live interview, Faker said, “If I play a champion that Clid dislikes, he tends to speak less than he usually does.” (laughs)

That’s not true. (laughs) I don’t actually have a certain champion that I like or dislike. As a jungler, I feel a bit tied down when we have passive picks on our side or when we play a bit too passively even if we have quite an aggressive comp. So, in a mid laner’s point of view, I might seem to speak less.


I heard you were once a Bronze 5 Teemo one-trick. What do you personally like about Teemo?

When I first played League, I didn’t play ugly champions. Well, Teemo looked like a hamster and seemed really cute. (Q: So, you were Bronze 5?) Yeah.


So, when did you stop playing Teemo and decide to switch to jungle?

Since I was a beginner at LoL when I was a Teemo main, I searched a lot of guides in Inven. I found out there were a lot of Lee Sin guides and I started to play him a lot since it was fun. (Q: So, did you improve a lot in solo queue after playing Lee Sin?) Yeah, I think so.


As a Teemo main, which Teemo skin do you think is the best?

I’d recommend Super Teemo.


Faker seems to visit your room whenever you’re on a live stream. Don’t you feel a bit pressured? (laughs)

I think Faker is intentionally doing this ever since that (Faker visiting Clid's room) went on live…(laughs) I don’t feel pressured since we see each other every day.


Now you’ll face SANDBOX. Any thoughts?

Since we concern about the standings a lot, we do believe that each and every match is very important. I’ll focus more and try not to make mistakes. Thank you.


Image credit: LoL Champions Korea LCK flickr

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