The Division 2 Guide: List of All Brand Sets and Recommended Builds

The Division 2 introduced new equipment set bonuses called 'brand sets'; all armor pieces: masks, bags, body armor and etc., that you pick up throughout your adventure in D.C, will fall under a certain brand. Equipping even a single piece of armor is enough to activate a brand set bonus, and equipping multiple armors from the same brand (up to a maximum of 3) will activate the rest of the bonuses.

The brand sets are also highly customizable as even a single piece of armor is enough to activate a set bonus. You can combine different brands in your build to optimize it for your playstyle. 

In this guide, we'll show you all the brands and their bonuses that have been revealed by the community so far. We'll also recommend a number of brand set combinations that'll act as a placeholder until more information regarding end game gear sets is released. 

*The list has been edited to include which armor pieces are available for each brand set

▲ Even just one armor piece is enough to start the brand set bonuses.


All Brand Sets

(Mask, Backpack, Gloves)
+7% Damage to Elites
+15% Armor % on Kill
15% Chem Launcher Skill Power

Sokolov Concern (Mask, Vest, Knees)
+10% SMG Damage
+8% Critical Hit Damage
15% Seeker Skill Power

Richter & Kaiser GmbH (Mask, Backpack, Holster)
+10% Hazard Protection
+20% Pistol Damage
15% Shield Skill Power

Wyvern Wear (Mask, Backpack, Holster, Knees)
+7% Critical Hit Damage
15% Drone Skill Power
+10% Critical Hit Chance

China Light Industries Corporation
(Mask, Gloves, Knees)
+10% Explosives Damage
+10% Shotgun Damage
+10% Cooldown Reduction

Douglas & Harding (Mask, Holster, Knees)
+5% Accuracy
+10% Critical Hit Damage
+7% Critical Hit Chance

Murakami Industries (All 6 Pieces Available)
+8% Health
+10% Hazard Protection
15% Firefly Skill Power

Gila Guard (All 6 Pieces Available)
+5% Total Armor
+20% Hazard Protection
15% Pulse Skill Power

Providence Defense
(All 6 Pieces Available)
+10% Skill Power
+8% Health
+5% Weapon Damage

Alps Summit Armament
(Backpack, Vest, Gloves)
+10% Cooldown Reduction
+5% Skill Power
15% Hive Skill Power

Petrov Defense Group
(Backpack, Vest, Holster)
+10% LMG Damage
15% Turret Skill Power
+10% Cooldown Reduction

Airaldi Holdings (Backpack, Gloves, Holster)
+10% Accuracy
+10% Headshot Damage
+10% Marksman Rifle Damage

5.11 Tactical (Backpack, Vest, Gloves)
5% Protection from Elites
10% Extra Incoming Healing
+10% Weapon Handling

Fenris Group AB (Vest, Holster, Knees)
+10% Assault Rifle Damage
10% Protection from Elites
+20% Health on Kill

Overlord Armaments (Vest, Gloves, Knees)
+10% Rifle Damage
+7.5% Total Armor
+7% Damage To Elites

Yaahl Gear (Mask, Vest, Gloves, Backpack)
+10% Weapon Handling
+8% Hazard Protection
+5% Weapon Damage

Česká Výroba s.r.o.
+10.0% Health on Kill
+10.0% Shotgun Damage
+15.0% Health

Golan Gear (Unconfirmed)
+10.0% Hazard Protection
+10% Protection from Elites
+8.0% Total Armor


Recommended Brand Set Combinations

DPS Survivalist (Assault Rifle)
x1 Fenris Group AB
x3 Wyvern Wear or Douglas & Harding
x2 Badger Tuff

DPS Demolitionist (SMG)
x3 Wyvern Wear
x2 Sokolov Concern
x1 Badger Tuff

Turret Demolitionist (LMG)
x2 Petrov Defense Group
x2 Summit Armament
x1 China Light Industries Corporation
x1 Providence Defense

DPS Longrange Sharpshooter (Marksman Rifle)
x3 Airaldi Holdings
x2 Gila Guard
x1 Badger Tuff

DPS Sharpshooter (Rifle)
x3 Wyvern Wear or Douglas & Harding
x2 Airaldi Holdings
x1 Overlord Armaments

Maximum Skill Power
x2 Alps Summit Armament
x1 Providence Defense 
Remaining slots for brands that offer 'Skill Power' on your primary DPS skill. 

Balanced Build
x3 Providence Defense
x2 Badger Tuff
x1 Gila Guard

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  • 0

    level 1 Terrell_Taylor


    DPS Demolitionist (SMG)
    Wont work with D&H x3 because of the kneepad slot it takes from SC

    • 0

      level 1 Godraven


      Works fine with me i use the SC on the mask and back and DH on knee et holster

  • 0

    level 1 I_e3eau


    Murakami has Backpacks..

    • 0

      level 32 Ready


      Thanks for the correction, we updated the list!

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