SKT Khan: "I’m also extremely confident in playing tank champions. Thinking of me as the biggest beneficiary of the meta is a biased viewpoint."

On the 14th of March (KST), in the second match of the 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 33, SK Telecom T1 played against kt Rolster. Game 1 went to KT, with Gango’s Draven delivering hot performance. However, in Games 2 and 3, Khan’s Vladimir and Fiora was unstoppable. SKT took the ‘telecom derby’ 2-1 and added another win. After the match, Khan was voted as the MVP in both games and was interviewed.

Below is an interview with Khan.

▲ Image Source: LCK Korea Twitch Channel

With today’s win, SKT climbed to 2nd place. How would you rate today’s performance?

Personally, I think I played well in Games 1 and 2, but in Game 3, I made a mistake in communication because I was alone at bot side. If I concentrate more on not making those mistakes, it would be better.

KT didn’t go down easy. How was Game 1?

The Aatrox vs Fiora matchup is favorable for Fiora. I had a kill in the early game with the help from my teammates, but the game went weird later on. Since KT isn’t a team that we can fall careless, we were more careful in the following games and were able to win.

The picks in Game 2 was really interesting. You picked Vladimir into Smeb’s Jayce. They say that Vladimir has a very hard time facing Jayce.

Since I know well about Jayce, I know how to play against him so I didn’t hesitate to play against him with Vladimir. I played Jayce a lot so I knew when he would use EQ and I dodged it well.

What tip would you give to the LOL fans on facing Jayce in top lane?

If you avoid the EQ well when laning against Jayce, it’s manageable. Dodge it well. (Laughs) If you get hit a few times, it gets really hard. You have to dodge it all.

You locked in Fiora as the last pick while Vladimir was already picked. What did you discuss?

My teammates said that Vladimir can be used as a bot laner as well, so we went that way. Since all three carry lanes are extremely good at Vladimir, we were able to pull it off.

During Game 3, you were split pushing most of the time.

Fiora is a champion that is better at 1v1s rather than teamfights, so I did what I needed to do and the other four did what they needed to do. There was a mistake when Zoe was coming. My teammates warned me in advance that Zoe was coming, but I didn’t check and made a mistake.

There was a moment that you picked up a kill in a 1v2 situation.

I said that I can handle up to a 1v2 situation and it went alright. I told my teammates that if they have three or more champions come at me, then I would need help. After I the kill, Kai’Sa and Alistar appeared and my teammates came to help us out, so I want to say thank you to them. (Laughs)

In the current meta, many carry champions appear in top lane. They say that you are the biggest beneficiary of the meta. What do you think?

Well, I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest beneficiary; I did benefit because there are a lot of DPS champions, I won’t deny that. However, as I always say, I’m also extremely confident in playing tank champions. Thinking of me as the biggest beneficiary of the meta is a biased viewpoint. (Laughs)

You need to win the next match to maintain your rank in 2nd place. How will you prepare?

We had 2 losses in Round 1, and 2 losses in Round 2 as well. We can’t do worse than Round 1 so we’ll do our best to win all the remaining matches.

Lastly a word to the fans who visited LoL Park?

I’m thankful to those of you who are still here even though it’s late. Have a safe ride home. Thank you.

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