GEN CuVee: "Personally, I don’t think Vayne is top tier among the ADCs; she’s good when there aren’t many good ADCs to pick from."

On the 14th of March (KST), in the first match of 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 34, Gen.G Esports succeeded to stop Griffin’s undefeated record. As of this match, Griffin’s winning streak was ceased at 12. Gen.G picked Neeko and Vayne in both of today’s games and were able to take the win.

The following is an interview with CuVee who steered Neeko in both games.


You brought down Griffin who were undefeated. How do you feel?

Whoever the opponent, 1 win was important for us. More than the fact that we beat Griffin, or we stopped their streak, I’m happy that we had that 1 win.

Today’s picks and bans could be said to be a bit adventurous. How did you prepare?

We thought the meta would change from the 9.5 patch. The coaching staff suggested several things and I’m proud that we got good results from all the effort we put in preparing.

We heard that Gen.G’s scrim results weren’t as bad as the results in the league.

I think scrims and official matches are clearly different. We felt a bit pressured in the official games so we weren’t as active or aggressive. I think that was the main reason for our poor performance. Today, we agreed to play like there’s no more space to back up; I think that’s what the positive factor was for our team.

You played Neeko in both games today. What was the reason?

Our head coach told me that Neeko is pretty good; after practicing a few games, she really seemed good. I was worried a bit because she was hot-fixed, but since I practiced a lot, I picked her without hesitation. Neeko is similar to AD carries; she can be played similarly with AD Kennen.

How about the Vayne pick?

Since they banned a lot of ADCs, we needed to prepare diverse picks. Among the picks, Vayne had good results during practice. Personally, I don’t think Vayne is top tier among the ADCs; she’s good when there aren’t many good ADCs to pick from.

Can we expect better results in the following games?

Since we brought down the 1st placed team today, we’ll do better with more confidence.

Any last comments?

We’ll put a good end to this season by winning all remaining matches.

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