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Hearthstone's team of villains has been revealed ahead of new expansion



▲ Arch-Thief Rafaam is back in the newest Hearthstone expansion. But what's his plan?

Over the course of the past week, Hearthstone’s Creative Team has been hard at work slowly teasing the upcoming in-game expansion and Wednesday’s Youtube video might be the final one before the official reveal.


Throughout the four sub-minute long videos, the Fortune Teller, a character shown during the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion talks about assembling a team of plotters and schemers.


Each of the tarot cards she has turned over has revealed a member of the evil squad being assembled for a reason that has yet to be revealed.


The squad


It started with King Togwaggle, a final boss in the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion who lost all of his wealth and treasure to adventurers who defeated him in the single-player game mode. The Fortune Teller knows he values fortune more than anything else and promises working with her will help him recover that.



The next video revealed Hagatha the Witch, the sole Hero card released during The Witchwood expansion and the final boss you face off against in the Monster Hunt game mode. After being defeated, Hagatha has been on the run and, by joining the team, her enemies may be the ones fleeing for their lives.



Finally, the last two remaining villains were revealed in a video released Wednesday afternoon. One of the most iconic characters in Hearthstone’s history, Dr. Boom, was recruited to join the squad and bring his enthusiasm for explosions along with him. Right as the Fortune Teller was about to reveal what is likely the name of the expansion or final piece to the puzzle, a mummified hand grabs the card from her. Long-time fans of the franchise knew right away whose it was.


None other than Arch-Thief Rafaam, the “supreme archeologist,” has been plotting the congregation of these scorned villains from Hearthstone’s past. Rafaam, the central enemy during the League of Explorers adventure, is beloved within the community for his over-the-top voice lines and flavorful aura.



It’s unknown as to when the final video revealing the expansion will be released but there is speculation that it may take place later this week. What is known is that players will have their hands full holding off this group of baddies as they work to prevent the world of Hearthstone from being flipped on its’ head.


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