AF Aiming on Facing Griffin: "If we just play as what we’re capable of, we would be able to stand up to them. "

On the 10th of March (KST), in the first match of 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 33, Afreeca Freecs shut out kt Rolster. Afreeca dominated KT in the two matches. The MVP for Game 1 was Aiming, who played Ashe, SSUN who recorded a pentakill with Zoe in Game 2

The following is an interview with Aiming and SSUN.

▲ Image Source: LCK Korea Twitch Channel

Congratulations on the win today. How do you feel?

Aiming: I think it’s my first time playing Ashe; I feel good that it went well even if it was my first time.

SSUN: The recent situation for our team wasn’t really good; we really needed to win, but I’m satisfied that we won.

KT’s your former team. Did you talk with your old teammates before the game? Did they say anything to encourage you?

: Yes, we greeted each other and they encouraged me to do my best.

Galio went to mid lane in Game 1. Was it intended for mid lane from the beginning?

Aiming: Since our support and mid laner both play Galio very well, we assigned him according to the opponent.

Your teamwork with Jelly was really good.

: I trust both of our supports, so I’m alright with both of them.

There was a big turnaround after the teamfight at the dragon in Game 1. How was the situation?

: The opponent was all crammed into one spot so we were surrounding them. We were confident to fight so we went in. (Did you predict that you’ll win that big?) No, not that big, but we thought that we would win.

Ashe’s ults were so accurate today.

Aiming: Our support and jungle set up vision wards well in the jungles so I think that was why I was able to hit them so well.

(To SSUN) You took Unsealed Spellbook on Zoe in Game 2.

: I watch a lot of Challengers [Korea] matches and the Zoes there often used Unsealed Spellbook, so I tried it out. It seems pretty good.

And you recorded a pentakill. How do you feel?

: The pentakill wasn’t because I was good, it was because my teammates did well so I’m thankful to them. I focused on picking up kills in that fight. When it came to a penta situation, at first, I said penta-penta-penta, but later, I just concentrated on trying to kill Yasuo.

The picks and bans were really good. Is that because of coach NoFe?

: NoFe’s such a good coach; he always prepares our picks and bans really well. I’m very thankful to him.

Your next match is against Griffin. Are you confident?

: If we just play as what we’re capable of, we would be able to stand up to them. I’m confident.

SSUN: I’ll do my best so that we win against Griffin and show us starting a winning streak.

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