KZ Cuzz: "Since we had Yasuo plus Rakan and Gragas, I did think we have a good chance of winning that game."

On the 9th of March (KST), Kingzone DragonX (KZ) defeated DAMWON Gaming (DWG) 2:0 in the 2019 LCK Spring Split week7, day 3. 


Although they did make some minor mistakes in game 1, KZ managed to dominate the Rift throughout this series. For KZ, this victory was a precious one since they were at times criticized for their bottom lane focused strategies; today, their upper lanes stepped up and carried their team. 

After the match, KZ's jungler, Cuzz was interviewed. 

Your performance was very good today. How did you prepare for today?

I think our team performance, in general, has improved. This is a result of our hard work. Our coaching staff put in a lot of effort as well. 


In game 1, KZ focused on picking champions with initiators. The draft did seem a bit too one-sided. 

Since we had Yasuo plus Rakan and Gragas, I did think we have a good chance of winning that game. 


You dealt the most damage in game 1! 

I was happy since it's not easy to deal the most damage in a game as a jungler. As a matter of fact, I do remember that I did deal the most damage quite often when we used the Gragas-Yasuo comp. 


In game 2, PawN went with Vel'Koz which was quite a different pick compared to game 1. Did he ask for that pick? 

As we went through our draft, PawN simply picked a champion that he is very confident on playing. 


KZ's upper lanes performed very well. Also, TusiN was remarkable on Rakan. 

Usually, it's the jungle to initiate teamfights. However, when TusiN helps out, it becomes so much easier. 


You were also very good on Rek'Sai. What are your thoughts on her? 

Rek'Sai is a very aggressive pick and I think she's a good champion in this meta. I was confident on her and that's why I was able to perform well. 


You'll face Jin Air next. What are your thoughts?

Jin Air secured a win recently. I think we shouldn't count our chickens just yet. I'll prepare well. 

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