[GRF vs SKT KR Reactions] "OMG, how long have we been waiting for a match like this!"

*Before Match

I’m not even hoping for a win. I think I would be happy if they miraculously win one game. SKT Fighting! I wish good luck always for Griffin as well.

└ It doesn’t matter whether they win or lose. I’m gonna watch thinking they’ll lose anyway… I just wish SKT does something aggressively as they did in recent games.

SKT Fans: Griffin has favor but I just wish SKT just wins one game…
SKT Antis: SKT’s gonna crush Griffin!!
So ironical LMAO
└ Because they’re afraid of the backlash if they lose, SKT fans aren’t saying much. The antis are just laying the base so that they can criticize afterward.

If SKT wins today, I’m gonna break up with my girlfriend.
└ You first need to find a girlfriend to break up with.

According to the flow in the competitive scene:
LPL Funplus winning streak ended
LCK Jin Air losing streak ended
So what will happen to Griffin today?

When playing against Faker, shouldn’t they just ban Zoe, Lissandra, and Leblanc?
└ Those are exactly Chovy’s picks…

I’m from the future. Griffin will target 5 bans on Mata and Clid two matches straight and win 2-0.
└ You must have had a hard time traveling time, but why are you at Inven telling us results? There should be so many other better things you can do
└└ LOL

Today’s match prediction:

└ But what actually happens:


*Game 1


Griffin’s head coach flinches at SKT coach’s aggressive bow.
└ The coaches’ head fight is fierce…

Oh, it started… Guys, decide for me: going along with my girlfriend going to the dentist vs watching the game
└ Obviously, you have to watch the game, you idiot.
└ Toothaches aren’t any big deal… If you watch the match, even cancer will be cured.


Chovy evading the gank so casually
└ So lucky to have picked up that flash /s
└ The awesome fight between a 6-year experience mid and 1-year mid

Wow, the level of today’s match is insanely high...
└ I’ve always thought SKT was doomed… Their performance isn’t just the level of revival, they’re awesome… and Griffin was already perfect.
└ Clid is really amazing.


???: That’s it, Teddy. Tristana’s jump is meant to be used forward.


???: So no one will be missing me in the LCK… That’s alright… That’s what should happen...

There aren’t any stupid champs that can’t jump over the wall, right?

└ You sons of b**ches!!!


Another Level vs Dream Team, Dream Team wins!
└ OMG, how long have we been waiting for a match like this!
└ Whether it’s 2-0 or 2-1; I’ve already finished eating my chicken

*Game 2

Faker is so relaxed
└ The God of mid lane is blowing his blessings in his mouse.
└ I want to drink that breath of Faker saved in that mouse…
└└ This guy needs to be locked up in a mental hospital…

Irelia’s here OMG
└ Chovy should be so mad. How can a 6-year experience mid laner rebel against a 1-year experience mid laner?
└└ What???

Wow, Griffin really looks angry

└ WTF… That gank is possible?
└ Yeah, Griffin won’t go down easy 0-2. That would never happen.

Khan’s insane LOL
└ Now that Faker is feeding, Khan is going crazy…
└ The players are taking turns putting on MVP performance; it feels like watching the old SKT


OMG how can they see a winning teamfight at a 3v5 situation?
└ Griffin is so strong… All I can do is just laugh.
└ Game 1 was fun too, but this one is so much more exciting


???: Faker, why did you let them cocoon you so much?!
Faker: I had to step closer in remembrance of you...

*Game 3


Game 3 starting with Khan and Clid’s amazing comradeship!

Has Faker ever been good on Azir? IDK...
└ As a pick for Game 3, it doesn’t seem that safe…
└ I was waiting for Zed…

Ohhh the game is exploding. SKT fans, pack your stuff and get ready to leave.
└ SKT of Win-Lose-Lose…
└ Khan won’t be able to sleep after this because his pride is hurt…
└ The time needed for Griffin who had a 2-week break to figure out SKT: 1 Game.


Evelynn WTF…
└ Are there any players that play Evelynn except Tarzan?
└ Did you see Faker disappear in less than 1 second after this?

6 years since debut… Takes 0.6 seconds to die…


The only ‘trash champ(?)’ among the K/DA members


???: Let’s go, Griffin!!! Don’t forget I’m always cheering for you!!

Ohhh SKT is angry now!!
└ Although I said Angriffin, the original berserker was Faker
└ Now that SKT is pulling closer, Mountain Drake is appearing… They’re the sons of Riot.
└ Is ‘he’ supporting… Azir’s master?


???: “Hyeok, I’m helping you only for today...”

Wow, this is so fun!!! Are we going for Jin Air first win, Griffin first loss?


└ Huh??
└└ Huh???
└└└ HUH????
└└└└ YOU F**KIN A***OLES!!!!!!

The best match ever in the history of League ends with a backdoor??
└ This was really a game of another level…

└ Xpeke… I miss you…


“Where have you been Xpeke?”

“Ahh, I had a little 'something' to do...”

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    level 2 basafish

    That backdoor was insane... SKT was 10 seconds away from winning...

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