IG TheShy on His Signature Champ: "I knew I’d win my lane when I saw my opponent picking Riven... I might use her on stage too."

On the 6th of March (CST), Invictus Gaming (IG) defeated Victory Five (V5) 2:0 in the 2019 LPL Spring. 

Despite the rather easy 2:0 victory, IG did have quite a tough time snowballing in game 2. With V5 earning some points consecutively in their bottom and top lane, things did not seem too positive for IG. Most notably, V5's late-game carries, Vladimir and Vayne seemed to be scaling quite early. 

However, everything changed near the 23-minute mark. When 4 of V5's members were focusing Baron and their Vladimir successfully distracting 4 IG members, it seemed like quite an easy Baron hunt for V5. But all of a sudden, IG's jungler, Ning Flashed in and stole the buff. 

After winning a teamfight near the Baron pit, IG rushed to V5's Nexus. With 3 V5 members down, IG managed to turn the tables and secure game 2 and the series. 

After the match, the IG crew gathered up in the press room for a post-match interview. 



Q: You had a great advantage when you laned against Riven during game 1, do you think we’ll be able to see your signature Riven on stage once we’ve moved to patch 9.4?

TheShy: I knew I’d be able to win my lane when I saw my opponent picking Riven. I think I’d be able to use her on stage too.


Q: Corn’s by far one of the oldest veteran players in the LPL. What do you think of his performance today?

Rookie: I think he performed alright. He wasn’t able to show his true form since he kept getting caught when I laned against him today. We played how we needed to play today. It wasn't about him (Corn); we just did what we had to do and the results followed.


Q: What do you think of the upcoming 9.4 patch?

JackeyLove: I think marksmen champions would be a lot more fun to play in the next patch. Majority of the attack damage and crit items are stronger than the current patch we’re playing on. However, it isn’t too different in general.


Q: What do you think of your performance today? Do you think you performed well as you did in your previous matches?

Rookie: I think I did alright individually but we still have a lot to improve in terms of our team communication. Personal skills aren’t really the biggest issue; team communication and synergy are more important. 


Q: What kind of adjustments did iG make after the previous loss? What do you think of the team’s performance today?

Coach: Although we did make some mistakes, I think the team performed well in general. We did make quite an amount of adjustments since our previous loss. Despite the fact that we’ve gained so much experience in the past year, we still have a lot to learn and improve. I personally feel that I’m better off as an assistant coach but since I’ve been appointed to a head coach, I’ll do my best in my current role.


Q: IG was at a disadvantage during the start of game 2. What kind of communications were made inside the team to eventually lead IG to win the game in the end?

Baolan: We didn’t really have a composition that could change the odds [in the mid-late game]. We pretty much thought that we’d lose game 2. V5 thought that getting Baron was a wise decision but we managed to turn the tables since our jungler was better and stole the Baron.


Q: With FPX finally losing, numerous teams now have a shot at first place. Who do you think is IG’s strongest competitor during the regular split?

Coach: Being on a winning streak was never thought of as a priority for me; everything will go down to what kind of performance one can display in the playoffs. Any team that is on a similar rank to ours will be a threat.

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