[Diablo III] Top 10 Most Annoying Things in D3

Diablo III, just like any other game, has many ups and downs. There is honestly no better feeling in the world when RN-Jesus takes your side. When you get the Primal you have been searching for (for ages!) or when you reroll a stat and get the best possible outcome on a single roll.

However, it seems that more often than not, RNG does not go your way, and unlucky trash rolls are more common. This piece is dedicated to the top 10 most annoying things that can happen to the everyday player in Diablo III. Hopefully, we can find comfort in the fact that many players share these struggles, and maybe talking about them will encourage Blizzard to tackle some of these issues/occurrences.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 things I find most annoying in Diablo III.


#1 Manually picking up Death’s Breath


▲Here we go...

When leveling or at the beginning of a season, picking up Death’s Breaths is not as much of a hassle. You are eager to pick up every single one as you are banking on using them to upgrade rares into legendaries. It is annoying from time to time, but not enough for players to make a fit.

The annoyance comes when you are somewhat or fully geared and are aiming to not only farm DBs but to also farm Greater Rift keys. Many people have played T13 speed builds that can easily clear a rift within 2-3 minutes. At one point, you have to slow down to get those DBs; the time it takes to pick up 2-3 DBs and then carry on stockpiles. If you play a LOT of Diablo and farm a LOT of rifts, you will understand the pain.

Why can’t Blizzard make the pets auto pick-up DBs like they do with Gold? Or at least have a function (like Gold) that lets you automatically pick them up when you get to a certain radius. I bring this up because if Blizzard were to make DBs easier to pick up, no one would complain about it. It would only be a benefit for everyone.

#2 RNG on Rift Guardians when pushing higher GRs


▲ Hello Darkness my old friend...

A lot of us have been in this situation. You’re pushing your personal best - whether it is GR 110 or GR 85 - and the timer is making you sweat. As you approach the 98~99% percentile of progression, you’re thinking “Okay I can clear this rift if I get a decent Rift Guardian”. Then BAM! Cold Snap appears on your screen and you just cry.

Granted, certain builds and classes perform differently with each Rift Guardian, but still. Nothing feels more discouraging when you are about to set a record; after 12-13 minutes of intense focus, you are denied the record clear due to bad RNG. Not to mention that this is even worse on Hardcore. Pushing in Hardcore is extremely stressful. When you get a really bad boss like Cold Snap, your first thought usually isn’t “Let’s try this”. It’s most likely gonna be “I need to gtfo before I die”.

#3 Gelatinous Sireor commonly known as “the Blue Goblin that bugs out and I lose all my potential loot” Goblin


While this may not happen to every class/build, I am sure many have at least heard of or experienced this bug before. If not, I’ll explain. Essentially, when this goblin dies, it splits into 2 smaller ones. The 2 smaller ones then each spawn another 3 even smaller ones (total of 6 very small goblins). The smallest six goblins drop double the loot of a full Goblin pack, therefore killing all six will grant twelve times the usual reward.

Hence why everyone loves and goes crazy for these blue blobs. Unfortunately, there is a bug which causes the goblin to completely disappear when you kill the initial 2 split goblins in one hit with a big AOE spell (I’m looking at you, WOL Monk).

Just imagine - you hear the blue goblin in the distance, and rush over to find it. You let out a whispered “Yes!” and eagerly start killing the little guy when pop! - it disappears. You are confused and realize that you have just lost a potential crap-load of DBs, materials, and legendaries.

Blizzard...please...fix this bug.

#4 First guaranteed primal of the seasonFree Blackthornes!


This one is pretty self-explanatory. I have seen countless Reddit posts saying “This is what I got from my free primal. Why?” While some get lucky, most of us do not. Personally, I have gotten two free primals (one from Hardcore and one from Softcore). One was Blackthorne’s and the other one was so useless I don’t even remember the name.

It makes you feel even worse when you look at a friend or the leaderboard and see some guy got the exact primal he needed - and with a perfect roll! Since my luck seems to work only with primal Blackthorne’s, it has become a running joke among my friends. Whenever they get a primal Blackthorne’s, they instantly give it to me saying that “Hey, at least you’ll have a complete primal Blackthorne’s set later!”

It feels bad. My condolences to all the Diablo players out there who got the short end of the stick on their free primals.

#5 “Brave the rifts, and you will be well rewarded” - Orek


▲ Orek...WE GOT IT.

Whenever you enter a rift, Orek blurts out in his ethereal voice “I wish you luck, hero.” I appreciate his ceaseless support, but it gets a bit repetitive and annoying. I am not sure if it is just me or if everyone does this, but I always spam my Esc key whenever I enter a rift because I don’t want to hear him.

The message pop up is also quite annoying to take in every time you enter a rift. It would be nice if there was an option to silence certain NPC lines after you’ve already heard their two lines 1000 times over.

#6 Elites using “Shielding” when on your CoE cycle


This is one of those hard-hitting tilters. Thanks to how insanely good Convention of Elements is, most builds make use of this very powerful legendary ring. Because of this, we want to time our attacks appropriately when on our elemental cycle.

However, there are some elites that have the affix “Shielding”. This affix allows a mob to grant immunity on itself or others. In addition, this affix is used at random so you can never truly know when the mob will plan to ruin your run.

Imagine you are playing Hammer of the Ancients Barb. You get your charges up and are waiting for your fire cycle to dish out some very juicy damage. Just when you are about to spam your Hammer key and blow that demon back to hell, the mob shields itself and your plan is blown away instead of the demon. Aside from Rift Guardian RNG, nothing is more annoying than mobs that shield themselves while you’re in your elemental cycle. This is especially frustrating when you desperately need progression when pushing.

#7 The lack of Stash space


Before playing Diablo, I never knew the loot hoarder side of me. Now, it is in full force.

We have all experienced this. After countless hours in Diablo, you have finally gathered most of the items you have been looking for and have plenty of room to spare. As you organize your stash space, you can’t help but smile a little.

However, the stash space will inevitably be stuffed to the brim. Ideally, you want to have the option to keep every item you might need in the stash. The game just won’t let you. Everyone has consistently been asking for additional stash space, whether through real currency purchases or some other means.

Please Blizzard. We will be more than happy to pay for additional stash space…

#8 The 30 seconds in between Nephalem Rifts

The 30 second timer after you close a Nephalem Rift is no doubt a good feature. It is implemented in the game so a player still has 30 seconds to grab whatever loot they might have missed before it is lost forever.

But if you’re speed farming GR keys from Nephalem Rifts, it becomes a very bothersome feature. When speed farming, the goal is to do it as fast and as efficiently as possible. However, this is not possible with the mandatory 30 second wait time. At least with Greater Rifts, there is no delay and you can farm GRs back to back.

Although it is annoying having to wait 30 seconds, I don’t think they should completely remove this feature. Instead, there should be an option in the settings tab to turn this off.

#9 Bogan Trappers and Tusked Bogans


▲ Diablo III's most hated duet.

Traps and off-screen one-shot charge. Enough said.

#10 Lack of Constant Updates


Probably one of the most annoying and frustrating aspects in Diablo III is the lack of content/updates for the game. The recent 2.6.4 patch was a very good direction. It got a lot of players back into Diablo, and we desperately need more of it.

As a Diablo enthusiast, it really hurts to see the game I love not receiving the same treatment as other Blizzard games. I honestly do believe Blizzard is starting to put more resources into the Diablo franchise. The only thing we can do is hope that our community efforts make a difference in balance updates, upcoming new content, and more.

While all of these things to bug me - at the end of the day I’m still a fan of the game. I just want the game to be better, and I know it can be.


#11 Bonus

Feel free to write in the comments what you guys think are the most annoying aspects in Diablo III!

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