FunPlus Doinb: "I feel that I'm pretty old now so the only way I can keep up with the others is to basically train harder than anyone else."

On the 3rd of March (CST), FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) defeated Invictus Gaming (IG) 2:1 during the 2019 LPL Spring. 

Although FPX was off to a rough start after losing game 1, they came back and defeated the 2018 Worlds champion by securing games 2 and 3. FPX's prowess during this series came from their jungle-mid, Tian and Doinb. With Tian impacting the Rift early, Doinb and the rest of the team seemed more comfortable than ever against IG. 

After the match, FPX's mid laner, Doinb was interviewed by

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How does it feel to remain on top of the 2019 LPL Spring? 

Feels good. 


Did you think that FPX would be getting such good results at the beginning of this split? Did you expect that your team would secure 1st place? 

Yeah [I did think that]. But no to the second question. 


What do you think was the reason for the team being defeated in game 1? 

We made too many mistakes. 


Your opponent, Rookie, said he would pressure you a lot during the laning phase. What do you think about his performance today? 

I think Rookie did okay. 


Your mid Lissandra was remarkable today. What are your thoughts on her new passive skill? 

It's a good skill. Her passive can deal a lot of damage, so if it is used well in teamfights, my opponents will have quite a tough time dealing with it. 


However, a lot of amateur players have a tough time using Lissandra's passive skill. Do you have any tips you could provide? 

You have to use it well and take advantage when after killing the opponents since her passive is activated when you kill your enemies. You can always get some help from your teammates as well. 


You are recognized as the 'soul' of FPX. We frequently hear that you're leading your teammate's training too. So, if you don't mind sharing it with us... What's your daily schedule like? 

Other than sleeping, we're pretty much just scrimming the whole day. We play ranked games too. 


How long do you usually train for solo queue games? 

I usually wake up at 9 AM and train in solo queue till 1 PM. Then I grab lunch and take a shower. We scrim starting from 2 PM till 10:30 PM. After that, I play solo queue to 3 AM in the morning. 


Wow, that's a very intense schedule. How are you still able to be so energetic and maintain such good shape at the same time? 

I just do it for my performance. I feel that I'm pretty old now so the only way I can keep up with the others is to basically train harder than anyone else.


Oh, we still think you're very young! Going on to the next question, how would you define the team's current playstyle? 

First off, there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of both laning and teamfights. That's why we really need to continue to work hard. 


You spoke very highly of your opponent IG TheShy during one of your live streams. What's the odds of winning if you were to one day lane against him? 

On a scale of 1 to 10, I guess? I'm pretty sure I can't beat him. (laughs) TheShy is a very competitive and aggressive player. 


What makes you different and better than other mid laners? 

I guess you can say that my strength is that I can adapt well to the team. 


Well, didn't you mention that you were the super-carry of the team? 

Oh, not for this year. (laughs) 2019 is the year where my teammates will do the carrying. 


Between you and Rookie, who do you think is the better mid laner?

Probably Rookie. (Q. Don't you think you're performing better than him right now?) No, no. (laughs)


Which team would you like to play against the most during the playoffs?

Um... Let's just discuss this once we make it to the playoffs. (laughs) I don't want to jinx it right now. 


Then, which foreign team would you like to face the most in the MSI?



Does FPX usually train with Griffin during scrims? 

Nope. (laughs) I don't think that's possible. 


So, does it mean that you would like to lane against Griffin Chovy? 

Yes. I've heard rumors that he's someone who's very competitive. That's why I'd like to lane against him one day. (Q. Have you faced him during solo queue?) I have actually. Maybe once a week? (Q. Did you win against him in laning phase?) It all depends on my jungler. Winning mid lane always depends on the jungler. 


You're playing against RNG, TOP, and EDG. Which team do you think is the strongest competitor? 

The hardest to beat would be... Um... They're all hard to beat actually. I think they are equally strong. Those teams are tough to beat even in scrims so it's probably going to be hard. (laughs) 


Anything you'd like to say to your fans? 

Thank you so much for your constant support. I love you guys! 

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