Flood of Virtual Reality again! Photos of CES 2017 #2



CES2017, the world's largest electronics fair, was held in Las Vegas for four days from 5th to 8th January.

At its 50th anniversary this year, CES2017 attracted over 3,800 companies in about 150 countries. More than 600 start-up companies participated in the event, and the number of visitors is estimated at more than 175,000.

CES 2017 was full of VR and AR equipment, various console pads and wearable controllers and many of other interesting devices. It was not enough for 4 days of sightseeing. We took a lot of pictures of CES 2017, let's check it out.

▲ The hall of the cars which packed with the latest technology
▲ Why was NVIDIA in the car booth?
▲ It was to introduce the AI ​​automotive computing system.
▲ NVIDIA Shield's controller
▲ Tomb radar was used for computer testing.
▲ Oh my, that's invisible truck 
▲ A concept car that was made environmentally friendly
▲ Yeah that looks concept car.
▲ VR Demonstration in Ford booth
▲ Audiences can drive Ford's vehicle in the game, Forza
▲ Next booth was Samsung VR in 4D.
▲ They do race in space.
▲ These people were enjoying the air show.
▲ Casio's new outdoor smart watch 'Pro Trek'
▲ It can be used for 20 hours on a single charge.
▲ Yeah, just stretch it
▲ This was Qualcomm's booth
▲ They introduced 5G that beyonds 4G.
▲ We were able to meet the VR site, like the other booths.
▲ Intel's New VR, 'Project Alloy'
▲ What was in the Gigabyte booth?
▲ They put a computer in the water.
▲ Shaomi's booth that introduce many kind of devices
▲ From VR,
▲ Even the electric rice cooker...
▲ All the drones were in here
▲ Drones made using Star Wars IP
▲ Triple-Monitor gaming laptop by Razer
▲ It's likely to provide a fantastic gaming experience.
▲ NASA also visited CES.
▲ Explore Mars with VR
▲ Various types of VR / AR devices
▲ Is this a gas mask?
▲ Pinball arcade was also in there.
▲ That was just a experience of new technology, you know.


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