KZ TusiN on SKT T1: "We feel confident about our bot laners winning against their bot laners."


Kingzone Dragon X defeated Hanwha Life Esports 2-0 on March 1st, the 2nd day of week 6 for the LCK 2019 Spring Season. KZ focused on taking down enemy turrets while HLE was focused on keeping PawN from scaling. KZ was able to snowball the kills they got during the team fights, which greatly helped them win in game 1. In game 2, it seemed HLE had the upper hand when they were taking kills and objectives from KZ. However, the tide was turned when KZ managed to win the last team fight, which allowed them to march on to destroy enemy Nexus. TusiN played a great part in helping his team win in today's match with his support and super saves.


Following is the post-match interview with TusiN, the support for Kingzone DragonX.



Today was an important match for KZ. How do you feel about your victory today?

Winning today’s match was important for us to stay on a winning streak and climb higher. It was a relief to win against HLE 2-0 today.

Winning today’s match also meant you winning the 300th game.

I didn’t know it was my 300th game. It seems I really did play for a long time. I don’t think I lack anything in my skills so my goal is to stay a good player even when I’m playing over 500 games.

You lost against HLE in Round 1. Was there anything that changed about KZ since then?

Our bot laners stayed the same, although our mid/top laners improved in decision making. We are making less bad decisions now.

Today’s match was all about the competition between each team’s best laners. It must have felt hectic during the game. Could you tell us how things were back then?

I don’t know if it’s our team that has the tendency but I could see that my teammates were getting more and more excited when we were playing. I told them to chill only when they got over-excited; other than these times, we stayed focused on playing. We did make mistakes but our enemy team also made mistakes so we were able to win.

How did you and your team feel when you saw Key picking Bard?

We knew that Key liked playing Bard but we didn’t know he’d actually pick him. Enemy team had a strong team comp for initiating. But still, we thought that our own team comp was good enough to counter them if we managed to hold out until the late game.

Your  good decision-making stood out when you were playing Tahm Kench today. How do you feel about it yourself?

I kept dying from Sion’s ult -- I was the best one to get hit and tank for my team (Laughs). When it comes to saving with Tahm Kench, it is important to use his skills precisely. There were moments where my W (Devour) was on cooldown or had to eat our tank but things worked out fine in the end, thanks to great team communication.

You will be playing against T1. If you manage to defeat them, you will be able to make it to the top of the standings.

I think T1 is a team with great balance overall and aggressive play style. However, I don’t think we fall short against them and we feel confident about our bot laners winning against their bot laners. I also believe that our mid/top laners will do well so I think it’s worth a shot.


Your partner, Deft, has been doing great lately. How well would you say he is doing lately as his support?

He isn’t this good when we are practicing (Laughs). But still, I think we have this strong trust in each other where we believe that we will be able to satisfy each other whatever we pick.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?

We are on a winning streak and want to keep this going. We will try our best to do so.

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