2019 LPL Spring W5 Recap..."Gather round, let mama Frosk tell you about Clearlove"

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2019 LPL Spring Standings (set score)

* as of Feb. 24th, 2019

1.  FunPlus Phoenix 6 - 0 (12- 2) 

2. Topsports Gaming 5 - 1 (10 - 3)

3. Invictus Gaming 5 - 2 (11 - 4) 

4. Bilibli Gaming 4 - 2 (8 - 6)

5. JD Gaming 4 -2 (8 - 7)

6.  EDward Gaming 4 - 3 (9 - 7)

6. Suning 4 - 3 (9 - 7) 

8. Victory Five 3 - 2 (7 - 5)

9. Royal Never Give Up 3 - 2 (6 - 5)

10. SinoDragon Gaming 3 - 4 (8 - 8)

11. Team We 2 - 3 (4 - 7)

12. Rogue Warriors 2 - 4 (5 - 11)

13. Snake Esports 2 - 5 (6 - 12)

14. Vici Gaming 1 - 5 (6 - 11)

15. Oh My God 1 - 5 (4 - 10)

16. LGD Gaming 1 - 6 (5- 12)


The 2019 LPL Spring finished up its 5th week and now this split is halfway done. There were some significant differences in the standings compared to last week; a total of 14 teams have gone through changes. TOP climbed up to 2nd place, Bilibili Gaming secured 2 wins and advanced to 4th place, Suning - the 2nd place team for week 4 - lost 2 and is tied on 6th place with EDG, Snake and Rogue Warriors climbed up 3 ladders each, and FunPlus stacked another win and still remains undefeated. 


Besides the change in the rankings, there was some other notable news this week in the LPL. Let's see what happened during week 5 of the 2019 LPL.




A bug found on Sylas' ultimate...REMATCH!

The second series of Feb. 24th (CST) was quite a long one; the first remake game for 2019 LPL was announced. With BLG winning the 1st set, the Bilibili Gaming (BLG) vs SinoDragon (SDG) match went to game 2. BLG was also slightly ahead in the 2nd set with their top laner ADD securing first blood. However, the game was paused near the 9-minute mark. 

It turned out that SDG's top laner, Changhong had troubles stealing Yorick's ultimate using Sylas' "Hijack". The same bug was found again after a 'Chronobreak' and they eventually had to remake the game starting from the pick/ban phase. And, of course, Sylas was disabled. 

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EDG jungler Clearlove returns!Froskurinn "Gather round, let mama Frosk tell you about Clearlove".

At last, one of the most consistent performers in the LPL and one of the most loved Chinese player, Clearlove has finally returned to the EDG starting lineup after 5 months since going against kt Rolster in the 2018 Worlds. His return was indeed a huge positive for EDG since they were in quite a difficult situation during this Spring. Although there were some speculations on his rather sudden return, he proved that he is an indispensable asset for the EDG crew. This veteran jungler supported his team well on their 2:0 sweep against Suning. 

Another notable thing about Clearlove: he has had the best KDA among LPL junglers whenever he performed more than 20 games during a split. He performed more than 20 games in 2015 and 2016 Spring/Summer, 2017 Summer, 2018 Summer; he was 1st place in average KDA for those splits. 



WE bottom laner, Mystic hits 1500 kills in the LPLthe 5th player to hit this milestone

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Korean bottom laner Mystic has been part of the WE organization for almost 4 years. Ever since securing a spot in the starting lineup in 2015, he has been acting as the main carry for WE. And finally, this prominent LoL pro hit his LPL career 1500 kill milestone in the second game against OMG on the 20th. Congratulations Mystic! 



Match of the WeekSuning vs EDG

With the EDG fans spamming "7777" to greet their veteran jungler, Clearlove's return, this match was quite an important one for the team as well since it was a great chance to hop up higher in the Spring standings.  (notes: During 2017, he temporarily changed his ID to 'Clearlove7' to commemorate his 7 seasons of pro career. The number 7 is now his code name.)  On the other side, Suning was desperate for a win to cut their 2 game losing streak. 


Suning clearly focused on banning mid picks in order to suppress Scout's carry potential in the mid lane and teamfights. On the other hand, EDG used a total of 7 ban cards on the jungle position. The result was a 2:0 victory for EDG. Although a lot of ban cards were focused on Scout, he managed to carry both games using a frontline bruiser in set 1 and a traditional AP mage in set 2. On Urgot and Zoe, Scout was a constant threat throughout the series. With this Korean mid laner successfully scaling early, this highly-anticipated matchup went easier than expected for EDG. 



MVP of the WeekEDG top laner, Ray

For this Spring, EDG's top laner Ray was usually on frontline bruisers. He played Sion 3 times, Urgot 2 times, and also played Aatrox and Ornn once each. With Scout performing so well and their jungler Clearlove returning from his 5-month long rest, the fans' attention wasn't at all focused on Ray. 

However, he captured the crowds' attention by proving that he can become a huge threat for the opponent on carry champions as well. During the match against Rogue Warriors (RW), Ray was on damage-focused picks such as Vladimir and Jayce. He was especially praised for his exceptional performance on Vladimir in game 1. Him going 1 vs 3 near the RW's bottom tier 2 turret was undoubtedly one of the best highlights of the series. In the game where he played Vladimir, he carried his team to victory; Ray was responsible for 92% of the total kill points for EDG. 


Image source: LPL Twitter 

Special thanks to EsportsFocus for support.

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    level 9 Genryou

    Really loving how Funplus Phoenix are performing until this point, they can play in different ways and adapt to any situation they're facing at that moment, now that EDG are looking back in form, FPX's schedule for their next 4 matches, iG, RNG, TOP and EDG, also, maybe that match against BLG, if BLG are consistent, will be their hardest and best test this split. I hope they can win all those matches. I also like TOP, but, now that SDG beat them, they have more work to do, if they're planning to reach higher stages.

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