HLE Key: "I think Kingzone’s bot duo is one of the top 3 bot duos in the LCK."

On the 24th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 25 match between Hanwha Life Esports and Afreeca Freecs, HLE defeated AF 2-1. HLE gave up Game 1 and seemed shaken up, they were able to turn the game around and take the match.


Kim “Key” Han-gi delivered good performance playing Tahm Kench and Blitzcrank in games 2 and 3. The following is an interview with Key.


How do you feel about winning today’s match?


It was our first match of Round 2. The performance wasn’t perfect, but we started off with a win. I think we need to put in more effort with a renewed mindset.

Afreeca started three new players today.


We didn’t expect that they would start so many new players at the same time today. It felt new.


How were they different from Round 1?


They didn’t feel that different at bot lane. As for mid lane, Tempt was dominating lane against SSUN. So I think we were able to play comfortably because of that.

How was the feedback after losing Game 1?


This match was an important one; we needed to win no matter what if we wanted to make playoffs. Our head coach was bitter after our loss since we lost so helplessly. He told us to think and play like it’s our last match in our lives. I think that’s why we were able to concentrate and win games 2 and 3.

In games 2 and 3, still, HLE showed shaky performance. What do you think the reason was?


Compared to Round 1, the results during practice wasn’t that good. The whole team was hesitating a bit. Recently, some plays that we often made didn’t work and we made mistakes. Now we’re getting used to the feeling again. We thought again that we shouldn’t make any mistakes.

You played Blitzcrank in Game 3.


Afreeca played Kalista - Thresh in bot lane. When Sangyoon saw that, he said that it’s time to play Xayah - Blitzcrank. We weren’t sure that it’s the right pick, but I think it was a good pick that helped us win Game 3. It was a good choice.

Tempt’s performance was really impressive. Especially in Game 2, he picked up several solo kills.


Whenever he picked up a solo kill, I told him good job. He also appealed clearly that he needs to be helped and cared for when he didn’t have his spells so the team cared more for him.

Your next opponent is against Kingzone DragonX whose bot lane is really strong.


I think Kingzone’s bot duo is one of the top 3 bot duos in the LCK. So it’s important to stand ground against them. It’s a very important match for us if we want to get within 4th-5th. Since we have a bit of time left until that match, we’ll practice hard and find our color again.

Any last comments?


We’re at 6 wins and 4 losses but behind two teams because of set difference. I’ll do my best so that we can get to playoffs safely by the end of Round 2.

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