A Rematch Occurs in the LPL Due to a Bug Found on Sylas' Ultimate

A rematch was announced in the 2019 LPL Spring due to a bug on Sylas' ultimate. 

On the 24th of February (CST), Bilibili Gaming (BLG) went against SinoDragon (SDG) in the 2019 LPL Spring. The remake was decided during game 2 with BLG on a 1:0 set score advantage. With ADD's Yorick picking up first blood in game 2, BLG seemed to be on the slight upper hand. However, a pause occurred near the 9-minute mark. 

It turned out that SDG top laner, Changhong Sylas' ultimate, "Hijack" wasn't able to steal the opponent Yorick's ultimate. According to LPL's English commentator, Barento Mohammed, Changhong's Sylas Hijack skill couldn't steal Yorick's ultimate and would go on cooldown. Furthermore, he added that the same situation was repeated again after a 'Chronobreak' and decided to remake game 2 starting from the pick/ban phase. 


Shortly after the announcement, the BLG vs SDG matchup went straight into the 'remade' game 2 pick/ban phase; Sylas was disabled during this series.

Although it is not sure whether this bug on Sylas' ultimate would have occurred in that game only, if Riot decides this has a potential of interfering with the game itself, we might not be able to see this champion for a while in competitive LoL. 

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