ShowMaker on DWG and SKT: "Since it’s always close and never one-sided, I guess I have to think we’re close regarding overall prowess."

On the 24th (KST), DAMWON Gaming defeated SK Telecom T1 2-1. There were several interesting things to see in the match such as Lee "Flame" Ho-jong appearing in the LCK in a long time, but one of the things that left the biggest impact was Heo "ShowMaker" Su's Vladimir in Game 2. Vladimir hadn't appeared in mid lane for a while in the LCK, but ShowMaker confidently picked him against Faker's Sylas. He was voted MVP of the game.

The following is our interview with ShowMaker.


It was a very close match against SKT, how do you feel?

I think we had a hard time in today’s game, but I feel really good because we won.

You said that it was hard to concentrate because the match went on for long; how was the team able to maintain the concentration?

During game 3, it was getting longer, but we kept reminding ourselves that our comp was better in the late game and did our best to concentrate. We kept telling each other to concentrate so that we don’t make a big mistake.

In that matter, was Flame’s existence and leadership helpful?

He was helpful in that matter. As the oldest player, he kept us focused.

DWG and SKT are giving and taking a game since KeSPA Cup. Why do you think it’s such a close contest between the two teams?

I think it’s so fierce because the two teams’ prowess is similar. Since it’s always close and never one-sided, I guess I have to think we’re close regarding overall prowess.

In a previous interview, you showed confidence in playing against Faker. What is the source of that confidence?

I’ve been doing a lot better than the beginning of the season and I’m in a good form recently, so I’m more confident in my own performance and plays.

Was there a special reason for Flame being subbed-in in Game 2?

We had decided to play Flame and Canyon in Game 2 if we lose Game 1 in advance.

What have you learned from Flame since he joined?

It’s been only a week since he joined. There really hasn’t been much. Since he’s a veteran player with vast experience, I think we can learn a lot about making shotcalls and macro.

Was there any advice he has given over the week?

Not really. (Laughs) I don’t actually remember; I think he said we’ll be really good if we don’t make any mistakes.

Do you think Flame is capable of competing against the best top laners in the LCK?

Although he’s one of the oldest players, his mechanics are still amazing. He has what it takes to compete at the top.

Did he seem confident playing against Khan?

He said that he’s confident in playing Urgot and that if he does, he thinks he’ll win. Urgot is a pick that’s pretty good regardless of the opponent so I think that’s why he was confident.

Can you explain a bit about the Riven and Kayn jungle in Games 2 and 3?

Canyon insisted so much that he wanted to play Riven so we let him play her. (Laughs) As for Kayn, the opponent picked Sion, Sejuani, and Alistar. We were looking for a pick that was good against tanks; Darkin Kayn is really good against tanks so we picked him.

How were the calls during the Baron steal?

I was looking at Kayn because he was being chased down so I don’t really remember the calls. But after I saw that we stole Baron, I teleported and made the kills. I didn’t even know that Flame changed his spell to Smite but the screen suddenly said that we stole Baron Nashor. (Laughs) I thought that we were now at advantage after that.

I know it's been a while, but I heard that Cloud9 was impressed by DWG when they scrimmed against you. How were they?

It’s been quite a while, but when we scrimmed against C9, Licorice was really good. Nuguri has very strong laning, but he didn’t fall behind and took half and half. That was really impressive.

Reapered said that you were so good that the C9 players called you ShowFaker.

(Bursts Laughing) Maybe it’s because I got a lot of solo kills back then. I remember that I played many signature-picks of Faker such as LeBlanc or Syndra. Maybe that’s why? (How do you feel being called that?) Oh, I’m extremely honored of course. (Laughs)

Lastly, a word to the fans and your teammates?

To my teammates; it was a hard match today. I’m thankful that everyone stayed concentrated and I’d like to thank all the fans who came to LoL park to cheer for us.

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