DWG Flame: "I was told that there’s a possibility of me playing today from a week before. I played about 9 scrims before today's match."

On the 24th of February (KST), in the 2019 LCK Spring Split, DAMWON Gaming faced SK Telecom T1. Game 1 went in SKT’s favor, taking 3 infernal drakes. Faker’s Zoe made his opponents sleep crucial situations multiple times. Flame made his reappearance in the LCK in 1068 days in Game 2, being subbed in for Nuguri. DWG took Game 2, with Showmaker’s Vladimir scaling well, carrying the team. In Game 3, Flame’s Baron steal changed everything. SKT had the upper hand for the majority of the game, but after the Baron steal, DWG didn’t allow another turnaround.

After the match, Showmaker and Flame were voted as MVPs and were interviewed.

▲ Image source: LCK Korea Twitch Channel

You’re on a 4 game winning streak. How do you feel?

ShowMaker: Today’s match was long so it was hard to concentrate, but I’m happy that we won.

It’s been a long time since you played in the LCK. Would you like to say hi to the fans?

Flame: Hi, I’m Lee “Flame” Ho-jong who got to play for DAMWON Gaming this season.

You appeared on stage earlier than expected.

Flame: I was told that there’s a possibility of me playing today from a week before. I played about 9 scrims before today's match.

How is the process of building synergy with Flame?

: Flame talks a lot and his shotcalls are good; he’s all good, but I just wish he hits his Urgot ult better.

Flame: That's because I tend to talk a lot… (Laughs) I’ll do better next time.

In Game 2, DWG picked Riven jungle. Did Canyon appeal that he wanted to play Riven?

ShowMaker: Yes. He said that he wanted to play Riven so we tried to pick a comp that has good synergy with Riven, but it didn’t work out. But he insisted he wanted to play Riven so much, we just picked her for him.

Flame: Canyon insisted so much so I thought we just should let him play. But I think his Riven was pretty good.

You picked mid Vladimir for the first time this season. How was it?


ShowMaker: I was thinking a good pick against Sylas but nothing came to mind so I just picked anything that looked good among the remaining champions.

(To Flame) When you were active, Urgot wasn’t a very popular pick. Did you practice much?

Flame: I wasn’t able to go to Worlds and I’ve been on a break for quite long. It took some time to get used to the recently popular champions.

How was the situation and shotcalls during the Baron steal?

: The situation was a bit hectic, but I said that since I have Smite, I’ll just go in and steal, and it worked.

You joined DWG. How did you end up joining DWG?

: It’s a long story. To make it short, I wanted to stay in Korea this year. I was late in making decisions, so it was hard. I talked a lot with DAMWON though; at first, it was hard to agree on terms, but I appealed that I really wanted to join the team. The coaches and organization trusted me so I was able to join.

You’re the oldest and the player with the most experience in the team. Do you feel the responsibility?

: Even if I’m the oldest, there’s not much I’m doing. I want to get close to the players as soon as possible.

Does Flame set a good example for the players?

: Up to now, we only play games so I don’t know yet. (Laughs)

(To Flame) Who do you think the best top laner in the LCK is?

Flame: I don’t think there’s anybody… Oh, I think Kiin is the best.

What’s your goal for this year?

ShowMaker: In a previous interview, I said I want to have a 14-game winning streak. There are 10 wins left now.

Flame: I want to play on stage as much as I can and get to Worlds.

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