Guangzhou Charge's Shu: "Jjonak from the NYXL is someone I want to test my skills against."

The expansion teams of this season’s Overwatch League has impressed fans and analysts alike -- even Washington looked good in their loss against the Spitfire. Nevertheless, six of those expansion teams currently sit in the top 8 of the standings.

One of those teams, Guangzhou Charge, was underrated among analysts. However, in their games thus far, they have looked serviceable. A big contributor is the main support, Jin-seo "Shu" Kim. Though the Charge only had two games, Shu impressed a lot of fans for his fantastic Ana and Zenyatta play.

After the Charge’s victory against the Dallas Fuel, Shu spoke with Inven Global about what game helped him become an Overwatch pro, who was his biggest influence in being a pro, and who he wants to face in the Overwatch League.

Thank you for joining me after your victory. Like other people, I’m not familiar with your history in gaming and esports. Please tell me more about yourself like your hobbies, how did you get into video games, and what games did you like growing up?

From childhood, I loved playing video games. That's what I loved to do every minute and its become my passion. I liked playing FPS games growing up.

What influenced you to get into esports and become a pro in Overwatch?

Like I said before, I love FPS games. The one game I consistently played was Sudden Attack. It definitely helped me become the player I am today.

Are there any esports players you looked up to?

Ryujehong was someone that was a huge influence for me. When I wasn't good, Ryujehong was one of the top players in Overwatch, so I would often watch his stream. I would say he helped me become a decent Ana player.


You’ve played in Contenders Korea, Contenders North America, and now you’re here. What are the differences between playing in Contenders and Overwatch League so far?

It is really exciting. Mentally, the experience is exhilarating. For the times I've played on the [Overwatch League] stage so far, I have this adrenaline rush that you can't compare to anything else.

How is it like playing with players who came from Contenders Korea and China?

It's kind of a tough experience for not just me, but everyone. It's a new experience [for everyone], but we're keeping our heads up and playing our best out there. I hope we're not disappointing anyone.

You said that you feel exhilarated about playing on stage. How did you mentally adjust to playing calm and collected on stage?

In order to stay calm, I always call out my name inside, "Relax Jin-seo. Just calm down, it's cool."
Everyone helps me keep calm when I feel erratic. But if others feel erratic, the others speak up and try to get others to keep cool.

You impressed many people for your play as Ana and Zenyatta. How motivated are you to become the best support in the league?

I'm very motivated. I have to think more -- I can't play simple, just a little more complicated. I'm going to do what I need to do to be the best. As far as someone I’m looking forward to going against, Jjonak from the New York Excelsior is someone I want to test my skills against.

Last week, you had a tough game against Chengdu. What did you guys learn and improve going into this week?

We just have to prepare for the next game. We can't dwell on the past. It's one of 28 games. We need to learn from our mistakes and carry that onto our next matches.

Your next match is a tough one against Vancouver. What do you think you have to do to beat them?

It will definitely be a difficult match. We will prepare, do our best, and hope we can win.

Congrats again for your victory. Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Please cheer for me. I'll try my best to play well and win games for you all. Thank you to everyone who's cheered for us and hope you all continue to do so this season.

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