DWG Nuguri on SKT Khan: "Khan is certainly confident in his performance... Whenever his opponent laner makes a mistake in the top lane, Khan takes the opportunity to snowball and he is good at it."


DAMWON Gaming defeated Hanwha Life Esports 2-0. In overall, DWG overwhelmed HLE; Nuguri, the top laner for DWG, played a big part in helping his team snowball in both game 1 and 2. Following is the interview we had with him.

How do you feel about your win today?

I was nervous because today’s match was important. However, it feels like we got an easy win since we were ahead of HLE from early games in both game 1 and 2.

Did you expect it to go this easy?

No, I thought both teams will be somewhat similar. It doesn’t feel real how we won this easily. I feel uncomfortable about how I didn’t perform well and got carried today. The match would have ended much quicker if I had lane priority; we had to let our opponent team take many things because our team was busy trying to help me scale, which I was sorry about.

You picked Fiora today. Is she a good pick nowadays?

She isn’t bad at all. I think she’s viable.

DAMWON Gaming has been doing great at first before you started having a rough time in the season. Looking back, what do you think was the problem?

I think it was a problem with our concentration. Our concentration was falling short, and we were too uncertain in making calls in mid-late phases. We just followed the flow of the game instead of staying focused on a goal.

Punch usually makes the call; if Punch isn’t playing, then it’s Hoit who actively makes most of the calls. It felt like the whole team felt lost and couldn’t decide what to do when these two weren’t making any calls.

What is your thought on Flame?

We haven’t talked much yet. Although he’s older than me, it feels like we are quite alike in the way he talks and plays the game -- like studying the game.

You two will be competing against each other for the starting lineup. How do you feel about it? Do you feel pressured?

Rather than feeling pressured, I think competing for the lineup will be a great way for me to keep my performance steady. Also, I think it will be better for our team if there is a player to replace me when my performance becomes unstable.

It seems you have a great team atmosphere.

Our team atmosphere feels positive and lively. Maybe it’s because we have many young players on our team.

Was there anything you found most regretful in round 1?

Personally, I didn’t get to show the performance I wanted to. Should I say I got too scared? I couldn’t play as bold as I did in solo ranked games and scrims. It also felt like we couldn’t play as bold as we could have as a team. That was the part I found most regretful about. From now on, I will try to display the performance I wanted to as I communicate more with my teammates. This is something we need to overcome if we really want to become one strong team.

Are you ready to play against SKT T1?

Khan is certainly confident in his performance and his team is good at playing along with it. I will need to be good at countering that. Whenever his opponent laner makes a mistake in the top lane, Khan takes the opportunity to snowball and he is good at it. I think I’ll need to overcome that in order to win.

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