SKT T1 Faker on his MVP title: "It felt good as soon as I got the MVP title last time...It has been a while since I had gotten one."

In the last game on the 20th, SKT T1 defeated kt Rolster 2-0.

The first game was reminiscent of the old SKT and LCK. The game lasted longer than 40 minutes and a lot of back and forths. Every 5 minutes or so, the flow of the game will move towards SKT and then back to kt. Through SKT’s superior focusing after taking Baron, they were able to kill Sivir and Vladimir to close out the game.

The last game was no different than the first. SKT would dominate the early game and kt had bounced back in the mid game. Despite this, SKT T1 seemed more decisive and collective with their calls. Grabbing Baron and constantly picking out key members of kt, SKT was able to gain the lead needed to finish the series.

After the game, we sat down with the one and only Faker. Below are his responses.

¤ How do you feel about the win?

We were 3rd place and winning today's game was the only way to safely solidy our rank. This is why today's game had a lot more pressure than usual. While we did not play perfectly, I'm happy we were able to go 2-0.

¤ Today's series seemed difficult to win. In what ways was it difficult?

Because we made a lot of mistakes in teamfights, we couldn't recreate the picture or outcome he had in mind.

¤ In game 2, SKT finished the game with an amazing teamfight. When did you know the series was won?

We won because I was able to do a lot of damage in mid-way through the fight. kt didn't really make an effort in focusing me.

¤ You got a quadra kill in the last fight. Aren't you a little bit upset you couldn't get the penta?

Not really. To be honest, I never would have thought I would get that quadra. I just kept playing as I normally do, and it just happened.

¤ Sylas is used a lot recently. Do you think Sylas is good?

Sylas is a champion that can enable a variety of plays. I believe there will be more of Sylas in the future. Since he is so fun to play, I am sure more and more players will pick him up. I, too, find him very fun to play.

¤ As with Griffin, many people are saying SKT has a high ceiling for potential. Currently, what percentage do you think SKT has gotten to?

I think we have gotten to around 80% performance. We need to fix our weaknesses. Our team needs to work on our judgement/calls because there are times when our calls backfire.

¤ Fans are saying that you are back to your previous carrying form. On the other hand, Mata has stated that he likes you on utility/support champions because the jungler can pay more attention to the bot lane. What are your thoughts? Do you like to play carries or support/utility champions?

Because every member on our team can carry the game, I am able to be flexible and play a carry or support role. I don't necessarily prefer one over the other. The fun aspect for me is the exact same.

¤ The first round is over. Were there any moments that you are proud or fond of?

It felt good as soon as I got the MVP title last time. This is because it has been a while since I had gotten one.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

The first round is over, but the second has just begun. Now, it will be time for me to evaluate my performance and fix my mistakes from the first round. I will try my best to show a better record than 7 wins and 2 losses.

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