GRF Tarzan: "I think SANDBOX and SKT gave us the most difficulty. If we make a mistake, both teams are more than capable of taking advantage and beating us."

On the 20th, Griffin defeated Gen.G 2-0.

Today’s series was full of surprises. First was Ruler finally playing on a non marksman champion, Yasuo. Second was Chovy playing off-tank Sylas mid. However, both had far different results on the game. While Chovy became an unkillable front line initiator for his team, Ruler’s Yasuo was unable to shine due to Griffin’s impeccable focusing.

In game 2, Ruler was put on a hyper carry in hopes for a late game win over Griffin. With the combination of Leblanc and Skarner, however, Gen.G didn’t stand a chance in the early to mid game. Despite Chovy receiving MVP for the first game, Tarzan enabled his team to new heights in both games. First on Aatrox and Skarner on the other.

After the games, we got to interview Griffin’s jungler, Tarzan. Let’s see what he has to say.

¤ Griffin finished the first round strong. How do you feel?

We concluded the first round by being undefeated. I believe we will be able to work harder and play better in the second round.


¤ It has been a while since we have seen Skarner. How does Skarner fit into the meta?

I picked Skarner because I knew it was a fairly decent pick against Xin Zhao. As I expected, Skarner worked wonders against Xin.


¤ Griffin is undefeated set wise. How does it feel?

It is not just me but my other teammates don’t really care too much about being undefeated. The only thing we think about is the game we have on that day, and the sole focus to win that game.

¤ Isn’t it a bit unfortunate that you lost that one game against SANDBOX?

I honestly don’t mind it too much.

¤ In the beginning of the split, did you know Griffin would do this well?

We definitely did not think that we would do this well. As a team, we knew that the only way we could truly know is by playing. There was nothing like “Let’s go undefeated in the first round!”. We focused on our games a day at a time.


¤ Besides the results, was there any team that gave Griffin a lot of difficulty?

I think SANDBOX and SKT gave us the most difficulty. If we make a mistake, both teams are more than capable of taking advantage and beating us. However, it is all good as long as we play well.

¤ Kanavi joined Griffin. How is he as a jungler? How is he different from you?

Since we are jungler, I’m not really sure because we can’t 1v1 each other. I think he is a very talented player. If I ever drop in performance, I am comforted by the fact that he can debut in my place.


¤ During the first round, were there any moments you regret?

I don’t necessarily have any regrets. Even if I wanted to get better, jungling is somewhat luck based.  


¤ What are your goals for the second round?

Since we finished the first round strong, I will try my best to continue displaying a good performance in the second round.

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