GRF cvMax on SKT T1's Potential: "If we ever meet SKT T1 when they are at their peak, it would be a very difficult game for us to win."

On week 5 day 1 of the LCK, Griffin took down Gen.G 2-0.

Griffin has shown today exactly why they are deserving on 1st place. Not only has Griffin made a newly introduced champion, Sylas, work but also ended both games quickly. Griffin is reshaping the LCK scene all together. In game 1, Gen.G made an attempt to surprise Griffin by picking Yasuo in the bot lane. Because Ruler was known to not pick non-marksman champions, everyone was excited to see how it would pan out.

Unfortunately for Gen.G, Griffin did not let Ruler get more than 3 seconds into the backline as he quickly got focused and killed. Furthermore, going into the second game, Gen.G put Ruler on a more comfortable pick that is Kai’Sa. Like Ruler’s Yasuo, Ruler did not have the resources or opportunity to shine as Griffin was relentless on their aggression.

After the series, cvMax was interviewed in the press room. Below are his responses.

¤ How do you feel about today’s win?

I am very happy that we won today’s game against Gen.G.

¤ You guys placed 1st in the first round. What was the specific preparations?

When we went over our strategy yesterday, we listed down the most probable picks and bans that would come out. For today’s game, things went exactly as we thought it would.

¤ Did the Yasuo pick from Ruler surprise you in any way?

I knew that Gen.G would either ban or pick Yasuo. To be honest, there isn’t really a lot of champions available for a pro team to choose as of currently. Expected them to pick Yasuo? I’m not sure I could say that we really predicted him to play Yasuo. We knew he might pick Yasuo, but we just assumed the probability of it coming out would be low.

¤ Griffin has beaten SKT T1's previous record by one game.

We are all trying our best. It honestly feels amazing to know that the work you are putting in is yielding favorable results. To be frank, it is also not that rare to put in a lot of effort and see any results come to fruition. We live in a world that even effort and determination can backstab us. I'm just happy that this isn't the case for us.

¤ Looking back at the first round, is there anything you want to say to your players?

I think my players have an outstanding ability to perform. Whether it be in-game or in scrims, they really learn fast and move quick on their feet. I want to congratulate and praise them for that.

¤ Are there anything you regret throughout the first round?

If I had to name a regretful moment, it would be that one game we lost to SANDBOX. It would have been much better, obviously, if we didn’t lose to them. Other than that, I think we are doing fairly well.

¤ Kanavi recently got recruited onto Griffin. How is he as a jungler?

Compared to Tarzan, Kanavi has a much more aggressive style of play. He is very unpredictable and displays incredible mechanical prowess. Also, Kanavi's reaction time is out of this world. He is confident that he will not lose to any 1v1s. As long as we hone his mechanical skills, he will be an unstoppable aggressive jungler for Griffin.

¤ During the first round, which team gave you the most trouble?

SKT T1's presence and power is undeniable. As long as everything for SKT falls in the right place, they have incredible potential. If we ever meet SKT T1 when they are at their peak, it would be a very difficult game for us to win.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say to your team going into the second round?

Because we are not expecting the second round to be easy by any means, we recognize we can lose at any moment. Even if we lose, we will not drop down. We will learn from our mistakes and play better than before.


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