2019 LPL Spring W4 Recap...Uzi is Back to the RNG Starting Lineup

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2019 LPL Spring Standings (set score)

1.  FunPlus Phoenix 5 - 0 (10 - 2) 

2. Suning 4 - 1 (9 - 3) 

3. Topsports Gaming 4 - 1 (8 - 3)

4. Invictus Gaming 4 - 2 (9 - 4)  

5. Royal Never Give Up 3-1 (6 - 3)

6. SinoDragon Gaming 3 - 2 (7 - 4)

7. Bilibli Gaming 3 - 2 (6 - 5)

8. JD Gaming 3 -2 (6 - 6)

9. EDward Gaming 2 - 3 (5 - 7)

10. Victory Five 1 - 2 (3 - 4)

11. Vici Gaming 1 - 3 (4 - 7)

12. Oh My God 1 - 3 (2 - 6)

12. Team We 1 - 3 (2 - 6)

14. LGD Gaming 1 - 4 (4 - 8)

15. Rogue Warriors 1 - 4 (3 - 9)

16. Snake Esports 1 - 5 (4 - 11)


The LPL is back after quite a long Spring break! This week was a short one; starting from the 15th (CST), it ended on the 17th with every series finishing 2:0. JDG and SinoDragon both secured their third win for this split. FunPlus defeated WE and still remained undefeated. RNG is back with their star player, Uzi and swept VG-EDG. Most notably, LGD finally got their first win for this LPL Spring by taking down the 2018 Worlds champions, IG.

Sylas made his first LPL appearance, Uzi returned from his break, and Meiko played his 400th appearance in the LPL. Let’s see what happened last week on our 2019 LPL Spring recap week 4.


Uzi finally returnsRNG secures 2 wins this week

As RNG stated through their social media account, Uzi came back to the starting lineup after the Chinese New Year. Although he wasn’t at his best in his first match against VG, he stepped up big time versus EDG.

Using Kai’Sa and Lucian, he played well in the laning phase. He was a big threat in teamfights also. Capitalizing on support from his team, Uzi came back and displayed monstrous mechanics throughout the series.

LGD secures their first win of the splitagainst iG?!

▲ Kramer picked up 13 kills on Kai'Sa during game 2. 

With their new home arena “LGD Allied Esports Arena” built, and a couple of new faces signed up on their roster, fans did have quite high expectations for this team’s 2019. However, they’ve been underperforming and were the only team without a win for this Spring.

Then ‘FINALLY’, LGD secured their first win for the 2019 LPL Spring and, quite notably, the victory was a 2:0 against the 2018 Worlds champion, iG. They were simply the better team during this series. Their main carries have recovered their strength; their new bottom laner, Kramer is also stepping up, which will hopefully act as a positive catalyst during their remaining run in this Spring.

EDG support, Meiko reaches his 400th LPL appearance milestoneHe's only 20 years old

▲ Last month, EDG held a fan meeting celebrating Meiko's 4th anniversary.

The first game against RNG on the 17th was a historical moment for EDG’s support, Meiko. Followed by his 4th anniversary last month, he has hit another milestone: 400 LPL appearances. His record is placed on 5th place for the all-time highest LPL appearance record. Meiko will probably climb higher in the rankings since this veteran support is only 20 years old.

Sylas makes his first LPL debut!So whose ult did he steal?

The 143rd champion in LoL, Sylas is consecutively appearing in numerous regions. With C9 top laner, Licorice proving how much this champion can do in a single teamfight in the LCS, the LCK and now the LPL have also started to use him in official matches. However, the players have thus far failed to deliver the same amount of dominance that Licorice showed on Sylas.

Bilibili Gaming’s top laner, ADD, who is currently one of the better players in China, was the first to pick Sylas in the LPL. Still, he had quite a tough time utilizing this champion in laning phase and in teamfights as well. With numerous teams and players still studying the best build and runes for Sylas, we’ll have to see whether this new champion will become a meta pick in the current LoL pro scene or simply become a meaningless ‘ult thief’.



MVP of the WeekRNG bottom laner, Uzi


Yes, the LPL’s star player is back from his temporary time off from competitive gaming. Still,  he was not performing on stage for quite a while and seemed to be focusing on restoring his strength in the series against VG. However, it did not take too long for him to recover.

In the team’s second match for week 4 against their traditional rival EDG, Uzi instantly went back to his old monstrous form. Although he did seem a bit passive in laning compared to 2018, his plays in teamfights were simply astonishing.

In game 2, RNG had a tough time dealing with EDG’s early game plays and had a considerable gold deficit. However, Uzi and his teammates seemed to know exactly how to turn the tables. Despite the fact that most of RNG’s champs had a hard time scaling to the mid-game, their front line kept on jumping on EDG. This was possible because Uzi was always ready to become a huge AD dealing monster in teamfights. He constantly dealt huge amounts of damage in teamfights on Lucian and EDG could no longer keep the advantage.


Image source: LPL Twitter  / EDG Twitter

Special thanks to EsportsFocus for support.

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