Apex Legends Guide: Tips and Tricks to Make You a Better Player

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It's been nearly three weeks since the release of Apex Legends, but its already-massive player base is still constantly growing. The main reason? The game is extremely fun, and it brought along a whole lot of new and innovative features to the battle royale genre. With all these features, there is a lot to learn and remember within the game. 

Here are 8 tips and tricks for Apex Legends that will surely put you in the right direction to becoming a better player.  


1. Fly BetterFly faster and farther

Admit it. You've deployed on "King's Canyon" countless times already and have often landed just barely a second later than an enemy squad, resulting in them snagging a weapon off the floor before you can. It can be very dangerous to fly slowly and/or land off your mark in Apex Legends; it's a fast-paced game after all, and multiple squads could be around your immediate area. It's extremely vital to land optimally and arm up before other teams. 

The most essential thing to remember when flying is this: don't fly in a straight, diagonal line. Gliding directly towards your destination in a diagonal line from start to finish is very inefficient in terms of speed and distance covered. 

What you want to do instead is this: fly straight down to pick up velocity, preferably around 145-150, then glide through the sky until your speed drops to around 130-140; repeating this process until you reach your destination. But you may need to glide more or less depending on how far you want to go. Flying with this method will not only get you further on the map, but it'll get you to your destination much faster, greatly increasing you and your squad's chances of survival in the early parts of a game. 

▲ Keep a close eye on the speed meter to your left.

Another important point to remember is to stay with your squad when flying! Landing alone in an area cluttered with enemy players will almost certainly guarantee your death!

2. Stick with Your SquadDon't stray too far away from your team when looking for gear.

There's only so much that a single individual can do within a team game such as Apex Legends, so it's extremely vital that you work with your squad and stick with them. 

Do you always seem to have that one player on your squad who goes out on his own adventure looking for loot all alone? Maybe you yourself are that lone wolf?

Apex Legends is a very fast-paced game; an enemy squad could be just around the corner at any given moment. If you get ambushed, fighting while outnumbered is extremely disadvantageous, especially since the 'time to kill' is insanely long in this game. In order to maximize your chances of survival in combat, you need to cooperate and coordinate with your team - this is even more important if you're playing a Legend with an important ability such as Bangalore's smoke bombs. It's okay to go a short distance away from your team to loot, just don't wander too far!

▲ Don't be that guy.

Characters move very fast in this game, and a handful of them have evasive skills. There isn't a sure-fire way to punish enemy players that are running away from you. If the distance between you and the player(s) that you're fighting widens, simply back off and rejoin your team. The map is small and riddled with many buildings and obstacles, so there won't be a squad that'll try to chase you to the death.

3. Remember Your Role Within a SquadUnderstand your Legend's abilities.

A squad is comprised of three Legends, all equipped with unique, situational skillsets that complement each member of a squad. It's important to remember that a certain Legend will always be better for certain tasks in a squad. 

If you have a Bloodhound on your team, let him be the one on the frontline of the team. Bloodhound's abilities revolve around spotting and tracking enemy players; put simply, he's a scout. If you're playing Lifeline, you need to stay at the backline and let the Legends who are more suitable for fulfilling other tasks - in this example, scouting - do their job. Also, when playing as Lifeline, the game's only medic, you want to be the last one down on your squad anyway, as you provide the fastest and most secure revives. 

There can't be any duplicate Legends within a squad, so be mindful of your Legend's abilities and what they're good for. For example, if you picked Bangalore, and your teammates are fighting at a disadvantage in an open area, don't hesitate to launch your smoke canisters to aid them. 

4. Familiarize Yourself with the Ping SystemTake advantage of it.

Of the many elements that Respawn designed well with Apex Legends, the game's ping system is at the top of that list. 

By default, you can ping with your scroll button on your mouse. If you tap the scroll button once, it'll give you the basic 'Go' ping, and the 'F' key on your keyboard will ping that you've spotted an enemy. If you hold the scroll down, however, a circular menu will open up with 8 different ping options. 

The different pings within the menu are as follows: 'Go', 'Enemy', 'Looting This Area', 'Attacking Here', 'Going Here', 'Defending This Area', 'Watching Here', and 'Someone's Been Here'. Using this ping system, you can communicate with your team even if you don't have a mic or you just simply don't feel like speaking.

As mentioned, the greatest benefit that the ping system brings is that you can communicate with your squad without the need of using verbal communication. Of course, you can't pass on detailed information to your teammates with just pings... but comparing this to other battle royales, I don't think we can really complain!

And another useful feature about the ping system is...


5. Share the LootPing any extra high-quality gear that you don't need.

Like any battle royale game, your inventory space is limited, and therefore, you can't just haul every item that you come across. That means a good amount of high-quality loot will be left behind. 

In that kind of situation, before you leave the item, ping it! Your squadmates might have a use for it. Did you find a Skullpiercer mod but you aren't using the Wingman or the Longbow? Don't just leave it there, ping it! That might be just the item a fellow squadmate was looking for. 

This can also work the other way around. If you need a specific attachment on your weapon, open up your inventory, hover your mouse cursor over the attachment slot on your weapon, and press the scroll button. You'll notify your entire team that you need that attachment. The same thing can be done for healing items; there are two ways to do this: heal when you don't have any healing items or hold down '4', open up your heal menu, then press the scroll button while hovering over a specific heal item. You can do this with any type of item, including ammunition, so remember to ask your teammates when you need something!

▲ Found something that you already own, but your teammates may not? Ping it!


6. Camping Is Often Not RecommendedCamping can be disadvantageous.

Currently, the only map available on Apex is King's Canyon. Compared to other battle royale games, King's Canyon is relatively small, and buildings and objectives are placed close to each other. Thanks to that, fights occur very often. 

At first glance, camping in a specific area and holding out may sound like the most ideal way to play the game; but that's not the case at all. The Legends in this game are very tanky, so if you can't land all your shots, it'll be very difficult for you to grab a kill with a single magazine. 

Unless you're fully geared, or you have a Caustic on your team, it's almost always better to be on the attacking side of a conflict. There are a lot of buildings relative to the map's size, and almost every building has at least 3 entry points, making it difficult to completely secure an area. Most buildings are also riddled with windows, allowing for easy grenade deaths. If a fight breaks out while your team is inside a building, it's usually better to just simply run out and fight the enemy squad outside. 

7. Master Your MovementFamiliarize yourself with Apex Legends' unique movement system.

If you have played Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall series, you'll remember the acrobatic movements that the game series featured. Aside from running on walls, Apex Legends also features a fast-paced movement system. 

Just remember two things. First: sliding can be activated by hitting the 'crouch' key while sprinting. Whether it be on a patch of grass, gravel, or whatever else the floor may be made of, you can slide on it. Sliding downhill exponentially increases your Legends' speed. There isn't a limit on sliding, so use it often and get used to it.  

You can also aim and shoot while sliding, so it won't negatively affect your combat effectiveness; as a matter of fact, you can slide during a gunfight to make it more difficult for your enemies to land their shots! Mastering the slide function will greatly improve the speed at which you navigate through the map and can also increase your effectiveness in combat.

Lastly, similar to Overwatch's Hanzo and Genji, Legends in Apex Legends can climb walls - even if they're three times the height of the character! Simply hold the jump key after jumping towards a wall. In almost every shooter game, fighting against an opponent who has the high ground puts you at a great disadvantage. Therefore, using the climb function during the heat of battle may tip the odds in your favor. 

There are also a number of Legends that have mobility skills that drastically affect either their movement speed or how they traverse through an area. This includes Pathfinder's Grapple Hook, Wraith's Into the Void, and more. You can check them out here.

8. Pay Close Attention to Your EnvironmentLook for clues and listen for sounds - don't be too trigger-happy!

In a battle royale game that hosts 60 players per match, anything can happen - there will always be a random variable. However, you can always generalize what is going on around you by observing the environment. Is a door open? This place is already looted and/or an enemy squad could be nearby. Are there random items lying about? Are there death crates? Do you see Pathfinder's Zipline? While you play, you'll run into countless clues that give you information that you can then utilize to plan your next move. You don't always have to rely on a Bloodhound!

Although it's not as important as it is in other battle royale games, listening for and analyzing sounds is still very important in Apex Legends. Always keep your ears open for footsteps and gunshots, so you can generalize where your enemies are and prepare the first strike or plan your escape. 

Lastly, when you spot someone, think before you shoot! If a fight hasn't started, make sure that the rest of your squadmates are battle-ready before you shoot. Second, consider the situation. Is the enemy squad too far away for my team and I to successfully engage and win the fight? If an enemy squad is too far away, and you don't have the suitable weapons for long-range combat, the best option is most often to just ping them and return to your squadmates. Shooting first in that type of situation can put you and your squad at a big disadvantage, as you'll give away your location - and without the proper weapons, you won't even be able to effectively follow through on an attack!

Everyone's tanky in this game, so the outcome of gunfights isn't purely decided by reaction speed. So don't always immediately pull the trigger when you spot someone unless you know you have the advantage!

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