RNG Uzi: "It's so rare for me to be able to just play without having to worry about anyone trying to get a kill on me."

On the 18th of February (CST), RNG defeated EDG 2:0 in the 2019 LPL Spring.

Although the result was 2:0, both sets were quite competitive to the mid-game. As a matter of fact, in game 2, EDG was quite far ahead in gold difference. However, RNG was simply better in late game teamfights. Despite the fact that Uzi seemed to somewhat underperform in laning phase today, he proved once again that he can become such a big threat in mid to late game fights when he receives the right support from his team. This prominent bottom laner went with Kai’Sa-Lucian for this series and carried RNG in numerous teamfights.

After the match, the RNG crew gathered up in the press room for a post-match interview.

RNG got engaged and 3 of your players were killed in mid lane after you guys managed to secure baron. What was going through your mind at that time?

Uzi: We pushed the wave too far since we had a strong poke comp and that mistake gave EDG an opportunity to engage on us. However, since their mid game wasn’t that strong, we weren't worried too much.


RNG will be going up against TOP next. Is there anything you’d like to say to your opponent Knight?

Xiaohu: I actually don’t want to face him. I hope I’m ready to bring out my best while playing against him.


Your Alistar and Galio’s knock ups were amazing today! Based on your performance today against EDG, how would you rate yourself? What would you prepare before going against TOP next?

Ming: I felt that my performance was alright. I hope I’ll be able to perform better when I face TOP.


You mentioned in a previous interview that you'd probably be crushed by EDG today. What are your thoughts on your play on Zoe when you escaped from a nearly impossible situation during this series?

Xiaohu: I think I got really lucky. My performance was alright. My predictions were pretty spot on today too.


How did it feel like to have no one focusing on the back line during game 2 today? Were you happy?

Uzi: Of course I was. It's so rare for me to be able to just play without having to worry about anyone trying to get a kill on me.


AJ mentioned in another interview that he wasn’t the noisiest in the team. Now that you’re back from your short break, do you think that your new teammate is noisy?

Uzi: Not really. I think the team just communicates a lot; we're very loud during our matches in general.


TOP performance has been great so far. With a history of RNG losing against TOP during Demacia Cup, have you prepared anything special for your rivals?

Coach Green Tea: We’ll just keep learning from our mistakes and try to improve. I hope that we’ll be able to beat them in our upcoming match.


You got the most MVPs in RNG. What kind of expectations do you have for yourself? Do you think you’ll still be able to get another MVP even though Uzi’s back?

Xiaohu: No one would ever get tired of receiving a lot of MVPs. I hope that I’ll be able to keep performing well and continue getting MVPs. Everyone can get a chance to receive one if they can work hard enough.


How did you feel when EDG decided to use 3 of their bans on jungle champs?

Karsa: Heart was previously our coach so of course, he understands us a lot more since we’ve worked together previously. I'm not going to lie; him banning 3 jungle champions for sure boosted my ego by a bit.


Congratulations on your MVP, Uzi! What are your thoughts on laning against EDG IBoy? What do you think of his performance? Has he improved by a lot?

Uzi: I felt that he was pretty aggressive when he played against me, and also, he didn't get killed. He has definitely improved a lot for sure.


Congratulations on your win today! Today’s games against EDG was really intense. What do you think could be improved more?

Coach Dandy: Our team is very confident lately.


Your team is on a 3 game winning streak! Now with Uzi back in the roster, do you feel that the team is gradually improving? Or, what improvements do you think your team should make?

Karsa: I think the team still lacks in a lot of aspects. We might’ve won today but the match was really intense and I still feel that we have a lot of improvements to make. I hope that we’ll be able to perform even better and improve more during our run in this split.

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