SB OnFleek on his Mid laner: "Dove is amazing in the laning phase and does not get pushed around by anyone in the LCK. I am sad that he still has not gotten the recognition he deserves."

On the 17th at LoL Park, SANDBOX Gaming won against kt Rolster 2-1. Although kt Rolster, for a brief moment, shined in team fights, SANDBOX Gaming came ahead with their meticulous macro.

Below are OnFleek’s interview responses.

¤ How do you feel about the win?

Despite us preparing pretty well, we had communication problems. I’m happy that we overcame that and won.

¤ You played the nerfed Camille in two games today.

Although Camille did get hit by the nerf bat hard, as long as your team helps you, I believe she is still playable. When she has someone that can dive with her, Camille is extremely useful.

¤ SANDBOX is known for their incredible shot calling. Who is the shot caller?

Whenever we are in a game and have conflicting ideas, everyone says what is on their mind. We all listen to each other’s input accordingly and adjust. The player who talks the most is probably Joker. You can think of him as the shot caller. Apart from Joker, I think Ghost and I talk the most.

¤ In game 3, Bdd played Aurelion Sol. Was this a surprise to you?

Sol is known to be a counter to Zoe. Since Bdd is famous for his Aurelion Sol, we assumed that it was going to come out eventually.

¤ You failed a gank during game 3 which almost cost the early to mid game for your team.

I failed my E flash. It is a mistake that happens only once a year, and it came out today. It is something that I cannot make an excuse for. I’m incredibly sorry to Dove.

¤ kt Rolster made a huge comeback in game 2. What was the feedback you received?

We all tried to do our own thing during that game. It came to the point that we weren’t on the same page as a team. kt Rolster is more than capable to take advantage of that mistake and they did. After the second game, we discussed and adjusted accordingly.

¤ Ghost received MVP for the series.

Ghost carried us today. The first and third game...he really played well. There is really no other way of saying it.

¤ SANDBOX’s last opponent for the first round is Afreeca Freecs.

Since their style is very unique and irregular, I think it all comes down to how we react that will determine a win or a loss.

¤ What are your thoughts on the Summit vs Kiin matchup?

To be frank, I believe it will be a 50-50. I will try to trust my team.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

I want to say a few words to Dove. Dove is amazing in the laning phase and does not get pushed around by anyone in the LCK. I am sad that he still has not gotten the recognition he deserves. I hope you guys give Dove a little bit more credit and praise.

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