GRF Lehends: "In any game, we have the ability to flip the flow of the game to our favor...our team does not fear or falter when it comes down to the defining moment."

On Week 4 day 5 of the LCK, Griffin defeated Afreeca Freecs 2-0.

Griffin has been defining the Korean scene and it showed in today’s series. Although Afreeca Freecs drafted solid team compositions in both games, the execution fell to the side of Griffin. Displaying aggressive cold-headed plays, Griffin took the early and mid game leads in both games.

After the series, we got to interview Griffin’s support, Lehends. Let’s see what he has to say about the win, Griffin as a team, and MSI.


¤ What results were you expecting for today? Do you think it went as you thought it would?

Rather than say that we expected or knew we were going to win today’s game, we knew we could take advantage of their mistakes and play well. I’m glad that we were able to play the way we did today. It lead to a win. I’m happy.

¤ Today, Viper played an amazing Yasuo. What’s the secret? How do you make a Yasuo work?

It is very simple and complicated at the same time. The first thing is to not make any mistakes at all. When you start making mistakes, you cannot help yourself but to continue making more mistakes. For example, if you think of mistakes in terms of numbers, you would start at 10. The less mistakes you make the lower the count goes. 9 then 8 then 7 etc. Once you get to 1-2 mistakes, regardless of the low count, the mistakes are still there.

You need to have the mindset that one small mistake is still very detrimental. Second, you need to avoid making any mistakes when you have the upper hand. These two are probably the most important factors when playing Yasuo.

¤ You played Galio support today. I get the feeling that you are open to and want to play unconventional supports. Who is your favorite?

Well, I personally love playing a variety of support champions. I like experimenting and being diverse in playstyle. Since the moment I started playing League, I prefered to play champions that no one else played. I used to one trick support Singed. Even before that, I used to play Kog’Maw support. However, I always want to play something that attributes the best chance for us to win.

If I had to pick a support champion that is unconventional, I think I would have to pick Shen. But the weird thing is, I really liked playing him at first. Once I kept playing him, he got boring fast.

¤ If you could bring a support champion into the meta, which champion would it be?

Hm, I’m not too sure. The thing is, League is ever so changing. Every tournament or patch changes the game entirely. On top of this, the meta just changed. I really have no idea.

¤ Griffin is considered the final boss for the LCK. What makes Griffin Griffin?

First of, I want to thank anyone who think we are the final boss to beat (laughs). What makes Griffin Griffin? This is my opinion, but every team has their own color. Their individuality which separates them from others. Like every other team, we, Griffin, have our own unique colors. In any game, we have the ability to flip the flow of the game to our favor. Granted, many other teams can do this. However, our team does not fear or falter when it comes down to the defining moment.

¤ Griffin has not yet participated in an international tournament yet. Since you guys are defining the LCK, what are you thoughts on Griffin at MSI?

I really can’t say. We will have to see which teams will go and how strong they are. The meta is also unknown so we will just have to see. Nevertheless, our goal is constant. Our goal is to win.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

The weather in Korea right now is harsh. It is extremely cold. I hope everyone takes care and keep warm. I promise we will prepare well and perform like we did today for our next game. Thank you for supporting us!

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