DWG Nuclear on the Latest Patch: "Only Ezreal managed to survive this vague situation where one can’t decide if this patch is a nerf or a buff, and it has caused Ezreal’s tier to rise."

DAMWON Gaming defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2-0 on February 16th at LoL Park.

JAG had the upper hand in the early phase of game 1, although they failed to use that advantage to snowball the game. In the end, DAMWON managed to win the last team fight with their Baron buff.

DWG dominated game 2 with lane priority and vision control. They were also able to take most of the objectives, including all of the drakes. JAG tried to hold out as much as they could while waiting for Route’s Sivir to scale. However, it wasn’t enough to stop DAMWON from marching toward their Nexus. The following is the interview we had with Nuclear, the bot laner for DAMWON Gaming who played a huge part in leading his team to victory today.



Nuclear, how do you feel about your victory?

Today was an important day that decided whether we will make it to the top five or not. Everyone on the team is in a great mood because we won. We were a little bit more conscious about today’s match than the usual. It was also a chance for us to qualify for the Wild Card match.

It’s been a while since we saw you. Could you tell us how you have been?

I went to Europe and took a break for a season until I came across DAMWON Gaming. I joined since Coach Kim recommended DWG to me, and he also got to join the team later.

It’s been almost two months since you decided to return and play in the LCK after a long thinking period. Are you satisfied with your life as a pro gamer for DAMWON Gaming in South Korea so far?

Our CEO lives with us in the same building, taking care of everything. There’s nothing I find insufficient here. I may not dominate the scrims during practice but I’ve been practicing peacefully and with ease. I think we are a team that continues to improve little by little

Your team almost lost in game 1 today; you couldn’t do much besides watch. How did it feel?

Personally, I wanted to not play in the game at least once and watch my team play, which I had the opportunity to do so today. But it was more nerve-racking that I expected -- more than playing in the game myself. I kept thinking things like, it would have been better if they did this in that situation, etc. My hands even started to sweat. I think it’s better to play in the game myself rather than watch.

What feedback did you give your team for game 2?

I told them the reason they almost lost was because they were being too rash. So the feedback I gave to my team was, ‘You will win as long as you don’t play too hastily or recklessly.’

If you look back at round 1, it seemed like the rate of improvement for DWG was slower than what it used to be at the early stage. How do you feel looking back?

We had some problems internally. And this problem is now fixed for sure. I think all that is left for us is to improve. I mean, without making the same mistakes.

Round 2 will start soon. What parts do you think you should work on personally or as a team?

Now that we will be entering round 2, we should put aside the excuse that we are ‘inexperienced’. We strengthened our macro by using Punch, and I do think that we can make it to the playoffs once we can put more faith in each other. As for personal improvement, I am trying hard to become as good as extraordinary AD Carries like Teddy and Viper. I do think that I am somewhat in the same class as them when I’m performing well, although I tend to have ups and downs.

As an AD Carry yourself, what do you think about the latest patch? Do you think it is a nerf or a buff?

I think it's a bit vague. Only Ezreal managed to survive this vague situation where one can’t decide if this patch is a nerf or a buff, and it has caused Ezreal’s tier to rise. I think other teams also think the same.

Can you please share your resolution with us?

We will be playing in round 2 soon, and I think we’ve shown everything from us underperforming to improving. We will no longer show any underperformance. We will try hard.

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