SHD Gamsu on his new team: "It was unexpected and very sudden. It was not entirely due to my own decision..."

▲ Photo by Robert Paul

The new season of the Overwatch League is underway. Expectations of the Goats meta is in full effect, the new expansion teams are performing on par with the rest of the teams, and Shanghai has not found their first win yet.

On the other hand, expect the unexpected. For one, Young-jin "Gamsu" Noh, tank for the Shanghai Dragons, had an unexpected turn of events days before the start of the season. His former team, Boston Uprising, announced they transferred Gamsu to the Shanghai Dragons.




Revealing his surprise, Gamsu made a statement on Twitter with the following statement (translation credit to @gatamchun on Twitter):




Inven spoke to Gamsu for further comment, “It actually came to me as a surprise. It was unexpected and very sudden. It was not entirely due to my own decision so I did struggle a bit.” Gamsu added, “For a day or two, I was trying to cope with it, but I'm trying hard right now to adapt to the team, open my mind, and get along.”

The move to Shanghai did not demoralize Gamsu. His main focus is to work hard and turning losses into wins for the Dragons.

Gamsu commented on how he prepared for this season, “In Season 1, I struggled because I was burnt out towards the end. During the offseason, what I focused on was rather than burning myself out again by intense practice, I focused on getting a lot of rest so I can get myself prepared for Season 2.”

With new teammates for Gamsu means adapting to a new team dynamic. In the short amount of time he spent with Shanghai Dragons thus far, Gamsu is not worried.

“I think I should not focus on the past. I think I should focus on the present and the future moving forward. I believe my new teammates are incredibly talented. I am very excited about that. Most of the [Shanghai] players are new to the Overwatch League and I feel like we need time to get adjusted. We're hoping to do that as soon as possible so that we can have good results.”

▲Photo by Robert Paul

Next week is the time for redemption for Gamsu. He will face against the Boston Uprising.

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