2019 Warcraft Gold League Prize Pool Raised Drastically -- 200,000 Yuan (≒ 29,500 USD) to the Champion

The Warcraft 3 Gold League (WGL) which is held annually in China will be held in 2019 as well. The summer season, which goes from February to May, and the winter season, which is held from July to October, will be maintained. In the WGL 2019 Summer Season, a total of 16 players will be taking part. There will be 2 players each from the EU and NA, 4 from Korea, and 6 from China. The remaining two players will be decided by points.


There are two ways to get points. One is using the Netease Ladder and the other is going through the WGL Minor League. Every month on the Netease Ladder, rank 1 through 5 will get points starting from 10. The WGL Minor League has a professional division and open division; gaining points from here is also a way to participate in WGL. There is also a promotion/relegation system between the professional division and open division.


The prize pool is growing. The most recent tournament which was 2018 WGL Winter Season had a 40,000 Yuan (≒ 5,900 USD) money prize for the champion, but in the 2019 summer season, it will be raised to 200,000 Yuan (≒ 29,500 USD). The prize money for 2nd to 8th will be raised similarly as well.


At the last Blizzcon, Warcraft 3 fans worldwide were excited at the news of Blizzard planning to release Warcraft 3: Reforged. The raised prize pool of 2019 WGL seems to take this into consideration. In the most recent tournament, the 2019 WGL Winter Season, Korea’s Jang “Moon” Jae-ho won the championship.

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